Essay On Friendship Is More Important Than Family

English Essay. (307 Words)
Family is more important than friends.

Family is more important than friends. Family is always there for you, no matter what you do or how you turn out.
They give you all the support you need, emotionally and physically. Wether you're going through a tough time, or you just need a friend, your family is always there. They have unconditional love for you no matter what you do,
because family is family no matter what you do or how you turn out in life.

Family is always there for you. They never come and go, they're here to stick around. Friends may come and go, but family sticks with you, through thick and thin. If you have gotten yourself into a lot of trouble, your friends aren't going to help you get out of your situation it's your family that's going to have to help you. Some of your friends are like family but they're not always there for you.

family supports you. Wether it's money you need or schooling supplies. They'll sort it out. They don't expect you to pay for everything yourself because you're not old enough to support yourself. But on the other hand when you're
older and you start to support yourself family is always there to help you out.

Family has unconditional love for you. That means they love you no matter what you do. If you have a bad opinion on one of their close friends they’re not going to hate you over it, or if you do something bad in your life, go to jail, get expelled from school, they’ll still love you no matter what you do or how you turn out.

I think that family is more important than friends because they’re always there for you no matter what, family supports you. And they have unconditional love for. No matter how you turn out.

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Vote Placed by lord_megatron 1 year ago

Reasons for voting decision: Spelling, grammar and conduct was equal on both sides. Neither side used sources. Pro argued that family supports you and that since you came in life family was there with you. Con rebutted that brothers/sisters compete with you for attention. Con argued that friends give us exposure to new cultures and that friends support you as well. Con also argued that friends don't give chores and don't judge you, as they are in the same age group, they know the problems you are facing, and that new friends can be found through friends of friend. Lastly con argued that you don't choose family and are stuck with them, but friends can be chosen. Pro argued that friendships end, but that doesn't mean their importance is lesser. It was a close-call, but I think con had better arguments.

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