Aqa Coursework Deadlines 2014 Super

  1. If you're taking AQA GCSE Drama (4240), come on in! I'd be quite surprised if this thread got much traffic to be honest... any thespians around?

    Basically, how much do you hate the written paper?

  2. Yeah the written part is a pain in the arse but what I really don't get is how you're supposed to revise and how you're marked on the paper and everything ohmy..

  3. I KNOWW! The mark scheme is hopelessly ambiguous, which is kinda good because you can say anything, but I have no idea what I'm meant to be doing: mainly, what's the difference between describe, explain, analyse and evaluate?!?

    I mean describe and evaluate is easy-ish, but what's the difference between explaining and analysing?

    For my revision, I'm probably going to do some questions: we could compare answers? Who knows, we might start to understand what the paper wants from us!

    I'm going to revise examples of rehearsal techniques, some moments where I was good and bad (you can always make them up to fit the question), etc.
    For section B, we've got good notes on War Horse that our awesome gap year student prepared for us (she's a god at Drama and even stayed in the drama department for another year after Upper Sixth!).

    How was your practical work?

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