Synthesis Essay On Cyber Bullying

Social Psychology and Cyber Bullying

Bullies have been a part of childhood and growing up for generations. It has also been a major focus for social psychologists for many years now too. However, the face of bullying is changing and looks much different than what previous generations faced. With new technology and the rapid growth and reach of social media, the new face of bullying has been realized- cyber bullying. Many kids fall victim to this form of bullying, but fortunately there are many steps that can be taken to make things easier.

Cyber bullying occurs through the use of electronic technology, just as its name implies. It can occur on social media sites, through private emails, on online instant chat messenger, and through posts on website forums. Kids who are the victim of cyber bullied are often also bullied in real life in their schools or in other social groups. Cyber bullying can be so much harder to deal with and ignore because there does not have to be any face to face contact. This also makes it harder to study from the social psychology standpoint as well. It is not like normal bullying and it can reach into the one safe haven the child used to have- their own home. This is the face of cyber bullying that many people do not fully comprehend.

It is a technology driven world and that means kids who are victims of bullying are easy targets. If they have a cell phone or are online or have an email they can still get the threats, jeers, comments, and jokes made at their expense- in front of the entire digital world. Kids who deal with cyber bullying suffer greatly and face many challenges and obstacle that most people do not even think about. The victims are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol, skip school, fail classes, become depressed, be more prone to health problems, and be more likely to attempt suicide. It is obviously a very real danger and it is one that is becoming more and more common in schools.

Parents of course want to protect their children and keep them safe, but they cannot be there every waking moment. There are some important and thankfully easy steps that can take to protect children and help them avoid cyber bullying. Parents need to talk to their kids about cyber bullying and make sure they understand that they can talk to them about anything that happens to them.

Bullies have been a part of growing up ever since kid started hanging out together for long periods of time. It has also been a major focal points of social psychologist around the globe, and it is indeed a global issues now. There has been much research and study dedicated to understanding why some kids bully others and why some kids get bullied more than others. However, it is not enough and people need to get involved in the lives of young people today. That is the best way to make a difference and stamp out bullying for good.

Composing an impressive synthesis essay on cyber bullying

Crafting a synthesis essay is one of the daily chores students are engaged in by their teachers and lecturers. Nonetheless, it is unfortunate that most of them have no idea concerning the basic guidelines. However, do not panic as you have accessed the appropriate information. Consider the following guideline on cyber bullying.

Comprehend the concept

Before you can think of writing, you should utilize some minutes of your productive time in digging deep into the topic. This is the foundation of a strong and reliable work. Go to the library and gather all the resources that contains the pertinent data relative to the problem given. Recall to note it down to avoid forgetting. Apprehend whether the question wants you to jot about an argument, review or an explanatory format. With this in mind, you will do a great work.

Draw an outline

It is normally recommended that every writer should draft a sketch of the ideal work to be done prior to the writing. This is part of good preparation. However, also ensure that you cohere to it without adjustments or procrastination.

Focus on the topic

To accomplish this, you need to use proper descriptive terms that best answer the question. Do not wander from the scope of the topic as this will lead to irrelevancy. The extent of the topic should be medium. Shun from using too broad and too short topics as these will call for extremes in terms of presenting the supporting arguments for your thesis.

Develop a thesis statement

This is elementarily a central statement upon which the body is fabricated. Generally, it should be able to embrace the topic and denote your wide scope of the heading. This can either be your leading statement or the last sentence of your text. Ensure to craft it in a complete form using proper terms.

Support your thesis

For your paper to be labelled certified, your thesis statement should be sufficiently backed up using germane sources which you gathered in the course of your research. Use the points initially noted down to provide strong evidence such as key quotes, facts, ideas, statistics and appropriate examples for your work.

Draw the conclusion

When you have composed the body and you are satisfied with it, it is now your turn to give a brief summary of the entire points as stated before. No new ideas should be introduced and the writer is at liberty of stating his or her recommendations.


Make sure you read through your work and correct all the errors and spelling mistakes before you submit.

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