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General Topics for Group Discussion

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Group Discussion is the activity through which exchange of ideas and related opinion takes place for a particular topic. Now a day’s most of the companies are giving preference to make GD as their first choice before the personnel interviews. The reasons behind this to eliminating the mass to get the cream. The process of Group Discussion is generally conducted to check candidate’s views and thoughts and to know how he can relate himself with them. Good communication skills is the most important part of group discussion, thus with the help of given topics on Group Discussion candidates are able to enhance their communication skills and knowledge of General awareness.

The purpose of setting Group Discussion is for the selection of candidate either for getting admission to management Schools or to get selected for a Job. A General Group Discussion consists of a group of six to seven candidates with the group discussion topics.  Each and every participant requires giving their views about the given topics for group discussion than only the purpose of GD fulfills.

Certain tips that must be kept in mind while taking part in a Group Discussion are as follow:

a) Try to keep eye contact while you speak. It will show your confidence level.

General Topics for Group Discussion

b) Be the first one to initiate the Discussion but only when you understand the given topic clearly.

c) Avoid interrupting the other when they are speaking. This kind of behavior will deduct your points.

d) Try to speak in clear way so that each and every participant will able to understand you views.

e) Never make other to distract from the given topic and remember to give the conclusion at last.

Lets have a look on the List of group discussion topics different General GD topics under different categories as mention below:

Category-1: Economy and Politics
Let’s have a look on general topics which are best topics for Group Discussions under the category of Economy and Politics.

1) FDI in retail – Boon or bane for India
This topic comes under the category of Economics and Foreign Politics. Generally recruiters put this kind of group discussion topics in order to check the knowledge level of the aspirant about the Foreign Direct Investment and the reasons how it can affects the Indian Economy. FDI in retail has boon for our country as it helps in enhancing economic growth of our country. On the other hand, sometimes it proves itself as a bane because due to FDI, foreign companies are earning more profit as compare to us. As we all know every coin has two faces and it’s our responsibility to select the right one.

2) Liberalization is Leading to Jobless Growth
This is one of the most preferred topic for the discussion that comes under the latest topic for group discussion through which interviewers may want to  put candidate concentration towards the present scenario of recruitment to see his imitate reactions.

3) Business Money Or Fame
This Group Discussion topics would help the interviewer in order to judge applicant’s expectations from the Company and to get an idea about the strategies or efforts made by the candidate in future to achieve those expectations. As per my point of view Money and Fame both are essential for an individual but with keeping these things aside by the moral values.

4) Is MNCs Superior to Indian Companies?
This is one of the best gd topic among the topics for discussion, which are generally put in the interviews to check candidate level of thinking. How he/she can react when they are offered to make certain decisions. As per my point of view Indian companies are not inferior to MNCs as now a day Indian companies are also providing good salary package with better facilities.

5, NOTA is None of the above option for Voters: NOTA is right being given to voters to rejecting candiadtes being offered by political parties. Through NOTA voters can reject candidates of election whom people do not fit for elected job.

Category-2: Technology and Education
Let’s have a look on general topics which are best topics for Group Discussions under the category of Technology and Education.

1) Engineers Joining Management Is A National Waste
This is the most preferred GD topics given by the interviewers to check overall thinking of the candidate who belongs from Technical field. The purpose may be to check how efficiently one can work, when they are given different tasks. As per my point of view Management skills can help in enhancing engineer’s technical skills which as a results always beneficial of an organization.

2) Education v/s Literacy
This is one of the most common group discussion topics asked in the interview process. As we all know India has now become Educational hub but in spite of this literacy rate has an indirect relation with the Education. According to me be an Educate as education always remains with us and literacy stay on an piece of paper.

3) The Giant called Internet
In present scenario one cannot imagine their life without internet. Internet has become the basic need of an individual. The word Giant is right for the Internet as we can see it connects whole world in a chain and just in a single click one is able to get all information he wants. This is one of the most famous GD Topics as a job point of view. Through this interviewer will judge the how update the candidate is.

4) Is Management An Art of Science
This is the commonly asked GD topic for the job interviews basically for the management candidates in order to check the quality of the candidate to being diplomatic in their views. In my opinion Management act as both Science and Art, as it made one to think about the result of transformation sin future.

Category-3: Social Interests
Let’s have a look on general topics which are best topics for Group Discussions under the category of Social Interest.

1) How To Deal With International Terrorism
For any country International Terrorism is one of the major threats that a country has to face Solution to deal with this threat is the simultaneous contribution from the powerful nations to remove all terrorist groups from their countries to make world free from terrorism One must be very clear with his views during group discussion as through this interviewer is trying to relate you with the biggest problem that is being faced by the World.

2) We are not serious about saving Wildlife
This kind of topics is asked under the categories of Social Interest in the Job interviews. The purpose behind is to check interviewer concern for the environment or surroundings. We can see that everybody is demanding a developed Nation and to fulfill this aspect humans are continuously destroying Wildlife.

3) Religion is a Private Affair
Through this kind of GD topics an interviewer is willing to know about the Social Interest of the aspirant to being a rational for the sense of religion. In country like India, Religion is declared to be a private affair. India is a rich country in terms of culture and religion. So one should opt an attitude to give a space so that each and every individual can choose a religion of their interest.

4) Indian Reality Shows
Reality shows are only the mantra which is pot by the TV producers just to increase the channels TRP. But at the same time they will add spice to the entertainment value. Indian television has chosen various Reality Shows depending upon the type and taste of the audience. The purpose of giving these kinds of topics for the job prospects is to see aspirant curiosity for the reality.

5. India should talk to Pakistan or Not on Kashmir: In recent past approach of Pakistan government to talk to Separatists of Jammu & Kashmir has raised many eyebrows in Indian diplomatic arena and India has stopped any discussions with Pakistan on any matter. As an Indian I feel that India should never talk to Pakistan on issue of Kashmir. Any one apart from India and Indian citizen will be third party in this discussion and India should not discuss issue of Kashmir with any third party.

6 Our Political system is responsible for our backwardness: India became independent country on 15th August 1947 and it has not been even 7 decades of our independence , country like china became independent  about same time but improved far more than that of us. Who is responsible for our backwardness.

Category-4: Sports
Let’s have a look on general topics which are best topics for Group Discussions under the category of Sports.

1) Football Means To India
The topic “Football Means To All” is given by the interviewer to reveal applicants team leader quality and to judge their inner potential of being a knowledgeable person.

2) Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing?
Cricketers must blame, if they were found to be a part of this kind of activities. Cricket is the most popular game in India and cricketers are getting millions of money for this along with immense support of their fans, than why they engage themselves in such kind of activities? This topic is generally asked in the job interviews to check honesty of the candidate with the organization.

3) Is T20 Cricket killing Real Cricketing Skills?
This is the common point of discussion for an interview purpose. Through this topic the interviewer is willing to check judgmental skills and decision making power of the candidate. Games like T20 are killing the concentration, stamina along with bat speed. So to conclude, It has brought only Drama and increases entertainment values.

4) Education about Combat Sports is Necessary In India
This kind of topics are asked to check candidate ability to connect different fields. Cricket is the most popular sports to be played in India. In comparison to it very few people are aware of Combat sports. In order to get master in these games Education must be given in the field of these sports.

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Group Discussion for study - Importance

Group discussion on study topics plays vital role in understanding the topic. Discussing a topic with friends or classmates helps in learning the topic with perfection. Group discussion on a topic involves sharing of learning by the participants which equally benefits all the participants. Students have different approach to learn. Students adopt different methods of learning. Each method of learning has its pros and cons. Hence, if many students discuss a topic which has already been studied by them; it helps them to come across the learning acquired by various methods of learning.

Group discussion has its own ethics – to be cordial and polite during the group discussion. It leads to a healthy criticism and benefits the students. The important benefits of group-discussion for students are given below:

  It helps in Learning more – It increases your understanding of a subject or a lesson

Group discussion opens avenues to you to learn more. You come across new facts about the topic. Sometimes you might have skipped learning some important aspect of a topic which other student may have grasped while study the same topic. When you discuss it your friend, you also learn all these areas which you have omitted during your own study. Sometimes you may have some difficulties in learning a topic, when you discuss it; it become easier for you to understand the topic with clarity.

  It helps in generating more ideas about a topic

Group discussion involves exchange of ideas where important things are learnt from each other. Learning only from text-books is not always enough. You may also need to acquire learning from other sources to understand a topic. Different sources are available to different students. Hence, during group-discussion the students come across new ideas acquired from different sources by the students. When many minds brain-storm on a topic, it helps them generate new ideas; which are necessary for conceptual learning of a subject. Similarly, group-discussion lead to generate thought-provoking questions regarding the topic by the students. In this way, it also helps student prepare for their exam.

It helps you know your shortcomings and weaknesses – opportunity for improvement

  It lets you know about your mistakes and weaknesses

Group-discussion offers you an opportunity to improve yourself. Group discussion helps you indentify your shortcomings and weaknesses. You come to know about areas which need to be improved. Participating in group discussion points out these areas as well as give you guidelines to improve such areas. Once you realize your weak areas, you focus on them to improve yourself.

  It helps you build confidence in yourself

A student should have confidence in himself. Having confidence in your learning helps you prove yourself to be correct in your stance. If you study a topic, you may bear some uncertainties about your learning in your mind. When you discuss it with other, it helps you eliminate these ambiguities about what you have learnt. Listening to supporting ideas in group discussion helps you build your confidence. Similarly, differing ideas helps you rectify your ideas and you develop a confidence in yourself.

  It prepares you for Oral Test by enhancing You Oral Skills

Students have to appear in many oral test such as viva and interviews. They should know how to talk and express their views about a topic in front of an examiner. Participating in group discussion helps you improve you speaking skills and make you talk confidently in front of other while sharing your ideas about a subject.

  It Enhances Your Listening Skills

Some exams may also test your listening skills. For instance, the IELTS exam comprises of assessing listening skills of a student. A student must have good listening skills for scoring well in such exams. Group discussion offers you an opportunity to listen to ideas of others carefully. It serves as a practice for enhancing listening skills of a student.

  It polishes your study skills and exam preparation skills

As discussed earlier, students have different approaches towards learning and adopt different methods of study. In group discussion the students also discuss about their approaches to learning and making preparation for exam. Exchanging such views inspire the participants and help them adopt the best study skills.

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