Format Of Case Study Of A Child

Remember your observation notes should provide the following detailed information about the child:

  • child’s age,
  • physical appearance,
  • the setting, and
  • any other important background information.

You should observe the child a minimum of 5 hours. Make sure you DO NOT use the child's real name in your observations. Always use a pseudo name for course assignments. 

You will use your observations to help write your narrative. When submitting your observations for the course please make sure they are typed so that they are legible for your instructor. This will help them provide feedback to you. 

Qualitative Observations

A qualitative observation is one in which you simply write down what you see using the anecdotal note format listed below. 

Quantitative Observations

A quantitative observation is one in which you will use some type of checklist to assess a child's skills. This can be a checklist that you create and/or one that you find on the web. A great choice of a checklist would be an Ounce Assessment and/or work sampling assessment depending on the age of the child. Below you will find some resources on finding checklists for this portion of the case study. If you are interested in using Ounce or Work Sampling, please see your program director for a copy. 

Remaining Objective 

For both qualitative and quantitative observations, you will only write down what your see and hear. Do not interpret your observation notes. Remain objective versus being subjective.

An example of an objective statement would be the following: "Johnny stacked three blocks vertically on top of a classroom table." or "When prompted by his teacher Johnny wrote his name but omitted the two N's in his name." 

An example of a subjective statement would be the following: "Johnny is happy because he was able to play with the block." or "Johnny omitted the two N's in his name on purpose." 

A case study is conducted on a person or group or situation that has been studied over a period. If the case study is being carried out on a group, it will describe the behavior of the group as a whole, not the behavior of each member of that group. Here we have got a collection of sample case templatesfor you that are designed to help you prepare a report about a person, a study, or an event as a whole.

Sample Marketing Case Study Template

If you are looking for a case study on the behavior changes of customers over a period, this Marketing Case Study Template will be an ideal selection for you. You may also check Marketing Case Study templates.

Psychological Case Study Template Download

If you are looking for a case study template that can be utilized to prepare a case study on psychology, then grab this Psychological Case Study Template now.

Academic Advising Case Study Template Example

Students remain confused in taking a final decision regarding their academic choice of subjects and require proper counseling and advice on this matter. This Academic Advising Case Study Template is an ideal case study template in this regard. You can check Business Case Templates.

Free Medical Case Study Template

Accurate treatment of patients is very essential and it requires a lot of research. So if you are looking for a medical case study template, you should use this template.

Child Case Study Template Format

Child case study will be helpful for those who are looking for a case study to understand the various psychological aspects of children. If you need to prepare such a case study, this case study template will be an ideal platform for you.

> Why Do You Need Case Study Template?

Case Studies help in proper utilization of your knowledge and thinking ability about a given situation. They engage your analytical and reasoning capability unlike any other. They also assist you in reaching appropriate conclusions. Case studies create compelling scenarios which play a vital role in enhancing your understanding of a particular subject.

They help in enhancing your decision-making ability. The sample case study templates are fully customizable. You can use them after making necessary customizations as per your requirement. You can select the best case study template out of our extensive collection of case study templates, which meets your requirement perfectly.

Counseling Case Study Template Example

Firebird Case Study Template

Marketing Management Case Study Template

Sample Business Case Study Template

Refugee Case Study Template

Healthcare Case Study Template Example

> What Are The Uses of The Case Study Templates?

You can utilize these templates for the purpose of analyzing any particular case study or you can even learn from these templates about the art of writing an effective case study. You can use these sample case study templates for creating case studies for your business or even an education case study for your work. Also, these case study templates can be utilized to create professional medical, mechanical or management based case study for a thesis or a project report. Most of these templates are available for free download. Download the one which suits your requirement and get on with it.

The case study templates mentioned above are fully editable and customizable. Hence, you can draft a case study sample that is unique to particular research or industry. The sole motive of all these case templates is to help you with the creation of an efficient and impactful case study.

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