Introverts Vs Extroverts Essay Scholarships

While the general population is made up of approximately 75 percent extroverts and 25 percent introverts, the membership of Mensa is the nearly the reverse: approximately 65 percent introverts and 35 percent extroverts. This Conversation will help listeners both within and outside Mensa understand and appreciate the wonderful gifts that introverts have to offer and will help to to make sense of the frequently confusing and uneasy feelings that introverts experience.

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Dr. Marti Olsen Laney

Dr. Marti Olsen Laney is a psychotherapist. She earned her doctorate in neuroscience psychoanalysis and is an author, teacher and much sought-after public speaker on subjects close to her heart, such as the physiology underlying introverted and extraverted temperaments. She is one of America's foremost authorities on introversion; she speaks and leads workshops on the topic in the United States and Canada, and has written three books on the subject: The Introvert Advantage; The Hidden Gifts of the Introverted Child; and The Introvert and Extrovert in Love.

Dr. Olsen is in private practice and presented on the subject of introversion at the 2011 American Mensa Annual Gathering in Portland, Ore. She is a practicing introvert.

Dr. John Sheehan

Dr. John Sheehan is a Life Member of Mensa and most recently served as a Mensa Foundation Trustee. Prior to joining the Foundation board, he served as American Mensa's Development Officer from 2005 until 2009. With undergraduate and advanced degrees in philosophy and communication, he is a certified clinical hypnotist and manages a multi-state professional practice with Elizabeth Early Sheehan, his wife and a fellow practitioner.

An active volunteer, he is appointed by district court judges in Texas to serve as a guardian ad litem representing children who are victims of abuse and neglect as their cases move through the courts.

You may not realize this, but you possess a secret scholarship super power to help you win scholarships. Knowing what it is will make the scholarship process less stressful and more of a fun and insightful way to learn more about your strengths and what makes you a unique and qualified student.

Have no idea what you scholarship super power is? Take a look at the following descriptions and see which one best describes your capabilities and skills.

The Time Management Super Power

This student is described as a Type A personality. They tend to keep a detailed planner either on their phone or tablet jam packed with things to do. This person keeps themselves in check by following their schedule. This student tends to like order and probably has a super-neat and tidy room that may put yours to shame.

Scholarship Strength:  This student will have no problem starting their scholarship search as early as possible. They will have the advantage of having a good set of organizational skills that will help them pick and list their scholarships. This person will make sure that everything in the scholarship process is done on time and properly.

The Activist Super Power

This person often gets described as passionate. This person advocates an array of causes like animal rights, the environment, a certain political party, a religion, their own ethnic group or international issues. Whatever their passion may be, they’re clearly driven and motivated students.

Scholarship Strength: This student will have no problem finding a number of scholarships geared towards their passion and due to their participation in numerous activist organizations they’ll have plenty of essay writing material to win over judges.

The Book Worm Super Power

This person tends to enjoy their weekends reading in instead of catching the latest blockbuster flick. They excel in any class where writing and reading is involved. They are often creative thinkers. Their introspective nature may be often overlooked as shyness, but they’re just hyper-observant.

Scholarship Strength: This student will relish doing research into finding scholarships. The search for scholarships involves a lot of computer researching and reading, both skills this student excels at. Where these students will really shine is in the scholarship essay portion, these students will have the advantage of displaying good grammar and essay structure, and for an added advantage these students can take advantage of essay and book scholarships available.

The Athlete Super Power

This student spends their free time away from the mall and more on the field. They love being outdoors and playing sports with their friends. They enjoy healthy competition and bounding with their teammates who are their closest friends.

Scholarship Strength: This student can find scholarships offered specifically for athletes. They also can draw on their teamwork and leadership skills in their sport to put on their application, this makes for a great student athlete candidate. When in search for a recommendation they can look no further than to their coach.

The Nerd Super Power

Whether their face is buried in a comic book or math textbook this student likes all things science, math, sci-fi, fantasy and superhero. They’re probably known as one of the smartest students in your class and their often approached for IPhone repair or Game of Thrones questions. Their introverted nature may make them appear anti-social, but they do enjoy the company of people once they get to know them.

Scholarship Strength: This student will have no problem finding scholarship geared towards their interests. Whether their planning on majoring in a STEM field in college or have a flair for Star Trek, there’s a scholarship waiting for them to apply to. Their lack of extrovert skills won’t kill their chances of winning a scholarship in fact introverts have good listening and researching skills that will help them in scholarship interviews.

The Good Ol’ Average Student Super Power

Not every student can be a star athlete, science whiz, storytelling master or type A perfectionist. There are a lot of students out there that don’t stand out at first glance, but in reality, these students do possess unique qualities that make them just as qualified to win a scholarship as any other student. This student has average grades, but an above average character.

Scholarship Strength: This so-called “average” student can stand above their average grades and test scores and show that their much more than that. There are scholarships out there that look more into the character of the candidate than the academic skills they have. These students can find their own unique qualifiers by looking at their hobbies and interests and start from there.

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