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For the General Curriculum Mathematics Test (03)

Below are some ways for you to practice multiple-choice questions for the Mathematics Subtest of the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure General Curriculum Test.  (This is the test for elementary teachers and K-8 special education teachers; there are separate mathematics tests  for elementary math specialists, middle and high school teachers).

The online practice questions give immediate feedback, including hints and explanations.  The paper and pencil tests have the same number of questions as the actual test with the topics in the same order, and with answers at the end.   The test bank includes 124 questions, ordered by objective, with answers at the end.


Online Tests:

Random Questions: Can be any topic on the test, in any order; choose the number of questions (there are 45 multiple-choice questions on the MTEL).


Questions on a Specific Test Objective:


Paper and Pencil Practice Tests:

Test Bank:


For thoughts on interpreting your scores on these questions, see here.

If you find a mistake or have comments on a particular question, please contact me (please copy and paste at least part of the question into the form, as the numbers change depending on how quizzes are displayed).   General comments can be left below.  Instructors, feel free to use and modify these questions for any non-profit educational purpose; see terms of use.

For more of my thoughts on this test, see this post.

Free MTEL Practice Test Review

The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL) are administered to individuals seeking professional accreditation in the state of Massachusetts. Anyone seeking employment as a teacher, teaching assistant, or other educator is required to pass one or more MTEL assessments. These examinations are aligned with the Massachusetts Vocational Technical Education Regulations, Massachusetts licensure regulations, and the student standards for Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the Adult Basic Education Curriculum Frameworks. The MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills Test focuses on reading and writing. It includes multiple-choice, short-answer items (mainly focusing on sentence revision), and two open-response assignments.

MTEL Test Study Guide with Practice Questions

The open-response assignments require the student to summarize a written passage and compose a brief essay. Many prospective teachers in the state of Massachusetts are required to take the Communication and Literary Skills Test along with a subject matter test in their areas of expertise.

Practice Questions

The MTEL Academic (PreK-12) subject matter tests include both multiple-choice and open-response items. One exception is the General Curriculum test, which has two subjects (one of which is mathematics and the other of which is language arts, history, social science, or science and technology/engineering). These subject matter tests are designed to ensure that teachers have the requisite knowledge and skill to teach specific content at a specific grade level. Pedagogical issues are not included in the subject matter examinations.

The MTEL Vocational Technical Literacy Skills Test includes multiple-choice questions related to reading and short-answer, essay, and multiple-choice questions related to grammar and the mechanics of writing. Finally, the MTEL Adult Basic Education test is composed of multiple-choice and open-response items in essay or problem-solving. This exam focuses on English language arts, ESL, mathematics, history and social science, and science.

MTEL Study Guide

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Here are the recommended steps you should take in using our modular test prep system for the MTEL:

Take the self assessment module quizzes below (make notes of your scores and remember which revealed significant gaps in your learning):

Self-Assessment Modules

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