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Barrel Racing Essay

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Barrel racing is a timed event in rodeos where a rider and horse try to complete a clover leaf pattern in the fastest time. It takes skills from the rider and the horse to make a good run. It takes good athletic ability from the horse and good horsemanship from the rider to take a horse safely through the barrels. The judges set up the barrels in a triangle in the center of the arena. There is normally a flagger in the ring that waves a flag when you start and waves it again when you cross the finish line. There is a person that starts and stops the timer when that flag is waved.
This event was originally made for women. When barrel racing first started the pattern fluctuated between a figure eight pattern and the clover leaf that is…show more content…

The fastest time gets a half of a second added onto it to make the 2D division. Then the fastest 1D time gets a whole second added to it to make the 3D division. The 4D division is one and a half seconds added to the fastest time of the whole event.
There are some rules in barrel racing. Number one is the fastest time wins. The rider and horse aren’t judged on anything but that. If the rider and horse run past a barrel and get out of the pattern, they get a “no time” score or they get disqualified. If the racer or her horse knocks a barrel over, they get a five second penalty which normally gives them a time that is to slow to win or place. There is a sixty second time limit to complete the course. The barrels have to be fifty five gallons, they have to be metal, and they have to be at least two colors. Most competitions also require the rider to wear a long sleeve western shirt that is tucked in, western cut pants or jeans, a western hat, and western boots. The contestant has to be dressed like this one hour before the event.
There is also special tack that is used for barrel racing. Bits are one thing. There isn’t any rule that says what type of bit you have to use but there are bits that are more common to riders than others. The type of bit used is determined by the riders based on the horses needs. Bits with longer shanks cause the horse to stop faster and bits with shorter shanks are used for more lateral work. Other things are put on the bit like curb

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Car Racing Essay

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Automobile Racing
Automobile Racing, one of the most popular sports in the world, have races run with wide coverage on television - before millions of fans. It tests the skills of the drivers, the speed capabilities of the vehicles, and the endurance of both.
The first racing cars were motorized versions of horse-drawn carriages and wagons. The first race was a reliability demonstration from Chicago to Waukegan, Illinois, in November 1895, while the first American oval-track race, held at the Rhode Island State Fairgrounds in Cranston in 1896, was won at an average speed of 43.1 km/h. Racing in the United States became popular two years later, with the opening of 4-km brick-surfaced Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indianapolis, Indiana.…show more content…

In the 1950s sports car racing became increasingly popular. By the 1980’s, many automobile races were televised, and by the 1990s automobile racing was ranked as one of the major spectator sports in the world. Today automobile racing is a major sport in most large nations and in some countries, such as England, it is also a major industry. (In England, a majority of the single-seat, open-wheeled F1 racecars are built in the United Kingdom, contributing significantly to the British economy.)
Concerning the relation between the two major racing cars: F1 and Indy car, Formula racing, which is governed by FIA, is involved. The organization is located in Paris, France, and is the international governing body for most of the worldwide automobile racing, including almost all racing outside the United States. Formula One (F1) racing—the most important form of racing outside the United States—is considered the highest form of single-seat racing cars, because of its special construction and ultimate speed. Go through automobile racing history, there were no restrictions on technological development, so F1 cars were the most sophisticated, most technologically advanced racing vehicles possible. Also, the F1 result determined the winner of The World Championship of Drivers each year. In 1958, an F1 Constructors' Championship was established to rival the

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