Burlingame School District Homework Policy

Homework in SCSD

At the September 22, 2016 SCSD Board Meeting, Trustees approved Board Policy 6154 – Homework/Learning Beyond School Hours.  Trustees will review the policy again at the end of the school year.   To review the approved policy, CLICK HERE.

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Over the last several years, our community engaged in a series of evidence-based conversations about what children need in order to thrive. In addition, Superintendent Baker and our Board of Trustees continue to engage in community conversations about a revised district homework policy TK-Grade 8, how it will support our strategic plan, and the district’s next steps towards adoption of a new policy. 

The following key points from research and our experience have been highlighted along this journey:

  • Homework assignments should be purposeful, meaningful, and tailored to the individual needs of students
  • Daily reading is key to each child’s long-term success
  • Development of organizational work habits and self-discipline are crucial
  • Family time, play time, and down time are important for all children
  • Math and music may require near-daily time and practice

Resources to Learn More

Challenge Success White Paper: Changing the Conversation About Homework from Quantity and Achievement to Quality and Engagement

Key Questions:

  • Do students today have too much homework or not enough?
  • Does homework lead to higher student grades and test scores?
  • When does homework promote increased student engagement in learning?

Book Excerpt from Overloaded and Underprepared: Strategies for Stronger Schools and Healthy, Successful Kids by Denise Pope, Maureen Brown, and Sarah Miles

Key Questions:

  • Does homework help students?
  • Does homework hurt students?
  • What are the characteristics of effective homework?

Video of Stanford Professor and Challenge Success Founder, Denise Pope

  • What does the research say about homework in the elementary school years?
  • What is the importance of daily self-selected reading?

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