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We are a digital publishing company and are looking to hire ghostwriters to write fiction between 20-200 pages (5,000-50,000 words) in length. The genre of the books should be romance or fantasy but you can choose from a variety of sub-genres. (e.g. Fantasy Romance, Historical Romance, Epic Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal, Erotica, Horror, Thriller) At the end of the work, you will also need to provide a catchy back cover copy that is a brief overview of your book. (You may utilize the plot summary that will be mentioned below. However, the plot summary should summarize the full plot while the back cover copy should omit the spoiler to entice readers.) Please apply only if you are eligible and agree with the following details: REQUIREMENTS * You must be a Native English speaker. * Final product must be proofread and free of grammatical and spelling errors. * The content must be 100% original. No plagiarism. We verify this in numerous ways and if you plagiarize, you will not be paid. * By applying and accepting this job, you understand and agree that this is a WORK FOR HIRE and ghostwriting position. This means once accepted and we pay you for the work, you will not retain any right to the finished products. Our company reserves the right to use the material in any form, whether electronic or print, and will own all rights for publication, including but not limited to, the copyright, byline right (someone else's name will be used as author name), resale, ownership, editing, revision and distribution right. You will have no rights to distribute or republish the material in any form whatsoever, even excerpts. * Before payment, you are required to electronically sign a nondisclosure and copyright assignment agreement stating that the rights to the content will belong to us. PROCEDURE 1. When you apply, please specify your preferred genre (e.g. Fantasy Romance) and attach a sample of previous fiction writing, preferably that is in similar genre. 2. After receiving your writing sample, we would provide you a few sample plots that you can refer to. You need to provide us answers to the following questions. (1) What is the plot summary of your book? It should be similar to one of the sample plots but should not be the same. (About 100 to 200 words) (2) What is the working title of the book? 3. If we accept your proposal, you can start writing based on the suggested plot summary. PAYMENTS & TIMELINE * We will pay $0.01 per word ($10 per 1,000 words). * We expect you to complete 100 pages (25,000 words) within a month. * You will be paid upon the completion of the project. * Our payment method is PayPal via freelancer. FUTURE WORK & SPECIAL OFFER If you can provide us with the type of material we want, this could be a long term position. Also, provided that the content is of good quality, you will have an option to publish your own ebooks for free, retain all rights and get paid royalties on it continuously, instead of work for hire payments. We will provide you with a cover image customized for your book and take care of all formatting and technical tasks so that you will be able to sell your products through various distribution channels. ADDITIONAL NOTES * We are not interested to hire a team of writers. * The books maybe lend themselves to sequels. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you! Skills required: Book writing, eBook writing, Ghostwriting, Fiction writing, Creative writing

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Exceptional Fiction Writer for Ghostwriting 6 days left

Hello, We are a high-quality ghostwriting service that is looking to hire up to 5 new high-quality writers. Our current rate is $13 per 1,000 words. What we are looking for: - Exceptionally high-quality writers that pride themselves on the work they produce - Professional staff that are trustworthy, with great conduct and commitment to our brand - Available to get started and available at least part-time (or 1 project per week) We are interested in: - Primarily versatile writers (writers capable of writing excellent books on most subjects) - Non-fiction writers - Fiction writers - Technical writers (Technical writers earn $1 more, so $14 per 1,000 words) What we need from you: - 2 samples of your writing (1,000 words minimum each) - We need to know your availability - We need to know your preferred topics We are eager to meet you so please apply now and we may contact you to set up an interview! (Don't worry if there are already many applicants, if we like your work, we will get in touch!) *At this time we are very specifically seeking a fiction writer to work on a period project set in the 1840's. Gritty, edgy and not afraid of the macabre while still maintaining language correct for the time period. Please have samples of this type of writing available for review. Kindest Regards, April Hotghostwriter Hiring Department (Removed by admin)

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