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Assignments are the side missions of Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. There is a large variety of assignments to complete; this page is a list of them. Click on a specific assignment in the list to read its detailed walkthrough. For a list of missions broken up by cluster and system, see the Mass Effect System Guide.

See also: Mass Effect Guide, Mass Effect 2 Guide, Missions, Storyline

Some assignments are listed more than once; this is intentional and is intended to make them simpler to find by listing them in all relevant contexts as they appear in the Journal.

For an alphabetical list of assignments, see Category:Assignments; for locations, see Category:Assignment Locations.

Mass Effect Edit

Please Note: The assignment names as given here are intended to match those in the game; sometimes the game itself is inconsistent, in which case all of the variations are listed here (e.g.Asari Diplomacy, Missing Person).

Character-Specific Assignments Edit

Shepard's Background Edit

These quests relate to Shepard's pre-service history.

Squad Member Assignments Edit

These assignments relate to the histories of your fellow crewmates.

Citadel Assignments Edit

General Edit

These assignments are available during your first and all future visits to the Citadel.

Second Visit Edit

These assignments are available after completing one of the major missions (Noveria, Feros or rescuing Liara).

Detainee Visit Edit

These assignments are only available during your detention at the Citadel.

Charted Planet Assignments Edit

These assignments are specific to their relative planet.

Feros Edit

Noveria Edit

Virmire Edit

Galaxy-Wide Assignments Edit

These assignments span the entirety of Citadel-controlled space. Assignments prefixed with the UNC indicator represent assignments that take place on uncharted planets.

Galaxy Collection Assignments Edit

These assignments involve traveling across Citadel space and finding numerous hidden collectibles.

Uncharted Space Assignments Edit

Morality-dependent Assignments Edit

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Bring Down the Sky Edit

Pinnacle Station Edit

Mass Effect 2 Edit

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Mass Effect

Sidequest Guide by fish_guts

More for Mass Effect (X360):

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ======================================== Mass Effect Sidequest FAQ By: fish_guts Version 1.10 ======================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1. Version Information 2. Legal Information 3. Opening Notes 4. ---First trip to Citadel--- A. Unusual Readings/ UNC: Distress Call B. Citadel: Presidium Prophet C. Strange Transmission/ UNC: Major Kyle D. Citadel: Asari Consort E. Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint 5. ---After The First Meeting With The Council--- A. Citadel: The Fan B. Citadel: Scan The Keepers C. Citadel: Jahleed's Fears D. Citadel: Reporter's Request E. Citadel: Rita's Sister F. Citadel: Homecoming G. Citadel: Doctor Michel H. Citadel: Signal Tracking I. Citadel: Schulls The Gambler 6. ---After being made a Spectre--- A. UNC: Missing Survey Team B. UNC: Hostile Takeover C. UNC: Hostage D. UNC: Missing Marines 7. ---Noveria--- A. Noveria: Smuggling B. Doctor At Risk/ UNC: Dead Scientists C. Noveria: Espionage 8. ---Feros--- A. UNC: Espionage Probe B. Feros: Geth In The Tunnels C. Feros: Power Cells D. Feros: Water Restoration E. Feros: Verran Meat F. Feros: Data Recovery G. Investigate Samples/ UNC: Colony of The Dead H. Investigate Facility/ UNC: ExoGeni Facility 9. ---Return To The Citadel--- A. Citadel: Family Matters B. Citadel: Fourth Estate C. Asari Diplomacy D. Citadel: Planting a Bug E. UNC: Privateers 10. ---Virmire--- A. Wrex and The Genophage B. Virmire: Assisting The Team 11. ---Citadel Lockdown--- A. Citadel: Our Own Worst Enemy B. Citadel: Negotiator's Request 12. ---Uncharted Worlds--- A. UNC: Roque VI B. UNC: Cerberus C. UNC: Hades' Dogs D. UNC: Derelict Freighter E. UNC: Lost Freighter F. Geth Incursions G. UNC: Lost Module H. UNC: Depot Sigma-23 I. UNC: Listening Post Alpha J. UNC: Listening Post Theta K. UNC: Lost Module 13. ---Squad Member Sidequests--- A. Tali: Tali's Pilgrimage B. Garrus: Find Dr. Saleon C. Wrex: Family Armor 14. ---Backround Sidequests--- A. Citadel: Old, Unhappy, Far-Off Things B. Citadel: I Remember Me C. Citadel: Old Friends 15. ---Aligment Sidequests--- A. UNC: Besieged Base B. UNC: The Negotiation 16. ---Collection Sidequests--- A. UNC: Locate Signs of Battle B. UNC: Turian Insignias C. UNC: Valuable Minerals D. UNC: Prothean Data Discs E. UNC: Asari Writings 17. Closing Messages/ Contact Info/ Thank You's(and a thank you present!) ======================================== 1. VERSION INFORMATION: 12/17/07--- Decided to write a sidequest guide about the great game that is Mass Effect. 12/19/07--- Bought a 50 dollar bag of "Goofy Boots". 12/20/07---Began to collect info for guide/ laughed at a overwieght lady slipping on the ice outside. 01/01/08--- Began writing guide. 01/13/08--- Finished Mass Effect for a third time. Completed information gathering. 01/29/08--- Version 1.00 finished. 01/31/08--- Did a minor update by fixing typos, correcting errors, and added additional websites to Legal Information Section. ======================================== 2. LEGAL INFORMATIION This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission or submission by the author. As of right now, this walkthrough should only be available on the following sites: Please notify me if it appears elsewhere at All names, locations, and references are property of Bioware Corp. The document itself is the property of fish_guts(Tyler Gates). Copyright law prohibits plagerism of this material. (If you would like to use this guide on your site please email me first. Or just tell that hooker behind the 7-11 on elm, its not like I don't see her everyday anyways.) ======================================== 3. OPENING NOTES (NOTE: This guide was written with the original Mass Effect game in mind. No downloadable content is covered here.) I really didn't understand the full scope of Mass Effects's sidequests when writing this guide. It was much more work and time consuming than I had initially thought. Though, I cant say I didnt have a great time playing through Mass Effect. I hope this guide is as enjoyable to read as it is informative. This particular guide was written to help with all the missions that aren't required to beat for the main story. Mass Effect's story is amazing and its not a long shot to say some of the sidequests are a blast as well. Though, thats not to say some are a pain in the O-ring. Hopefully this guide will clear those and some of the easily missable quests right up. It should also be noted that I will do my best to keep this guide as spoiler free as possible but with a guide of this nature its often difficult. Though I wouldnt worry about having any major plot points being ruined. Well except for that one part where Shepard sleeps with Garrus... ...oh wait that didn't happen, well I'm sure someone out there wished it did. well enough nonsense...on with the guide! ======================================== ---I Broke the guide down into story order with the exception of the last five sections which are quests you will be doing throughout your journey in Mass Effect. Also to note some useful information, no sidequest is available to be triggered after you leave for Ilos. Just something to keep in mind. (Also if your looking for a specific mission or section just use CTRL+F to bounce right over.) ======================================== 4. ---First Trip to Citadel--- A.---Unusual Readings/ UNC: Distress Call--- How do you get it?--- there is a computer console in Udina's office. just decrypt it. This quest is available as soon as you arrive at the citadel. when first arriving at the citadel their is a console on the east side of Ambassador Udina's office. When viewed you get the option of decrypting this computer. doing so gets you this quest What needs to be done?--- Looks like you need to travel to Hydra system in the Argus Rho cluster. Once there examine the planet Metgos. Once that is complete you will receive a emergency transmission from a medical transport, it looks like they are going to make an emergency landing on Metgos. *** At this point the mission title will change to UNC: Distress Call Get together a team and head down to the surface of Metgos. The distress beacon is south of your landing position and head there now for a little surprise. So the "distress beacon" was a Geth ambush huh? The best way to do this is by using Guerilla warfare. By that I mean pick out a Geth, waste him with the Makos guns and retreat, rinse, repeat. By using distance and the Mako's zoom you will give yourself plenty of time to dodge any incoming fire while not being overwhelmed by Geth. Once all Geth are turned into scrap metal(used to make ford's)you completed the mission. B.---Citadel: Presidium Prophet--- How do you get it?--- In the northwest corner of the Presidium district is a preaching Hanar and a C-Sec officer, speak to either of the two. ***Note: it takes either 7 charm and 6 intimidate to see all the outcomes of this mission. If you care about seeing it all, it might be best to wait.*** What needs to be done?--- Your goal in this situation is to stop the situation from escalating and you have a couple of ways of doing it. This mission is simple and really comes down to what kind of approach you want to take. you can persuade the officer to allow the Hanar to keep preaching which will get you Medi-Gel. Or you can push the Hanar out of there which will award you credits. Its not hard to see that Helping the Hanar is the "right" thing to do and will get you Paragon points. A third option you can take is to offer to pay for the license yourself. Propose this to the officer, when he agrees speak with Tom Crui...I mean the Hanar and offer to pay. It seems like both parties like this idea. It cost you a 150 credits though which early on in the game is alot. The plus side is that in the end both parties are happy....whoo. C.---Strange Transmission--- How do you get it?--- In the Presidium lies the C-Sec headquarters, there you will find Executor Pallins office. On the east side is a console, which needs to be decrypted. If successful you will get the Strange What needs to be done?--- Looks like you need to travel to the Century system in the(Stephen?)Hawking Eta cluster. When you arrive in the are you will receive a message from Alliance HQ explaining what's happened. ***The mission title will now change to UNC: Major Kyle*** Looks like you need to get a team together and head down to Presrop. Its a moon that orbits Klendagon. ***Note: You will most likely be facing human biotics. Choose a well balanced team with mods that inflict addition damage to organic lifeforms. too bad they didn't have a mod that inflicted STD's. Herpes is the burn that keeps on burning.. ..or so they say.*** The compound you are looking for is southeast of your drop location. There is several silos and two buildings. the door to the mercenary base is unlocked, go there first. you need to gain access to the other building and there is a few ways we can do this. 1. you can go in guns blazing and waste every cultist in the place. If you did that all you have to do is activate the control panel at the south end of the first floor. 2. We can go in peacefully...I guess. to do that approach the door to the mercenary base and say "I have to speak to Major Kyle". Follow dialogue until you are able to use persuasion. Which ever route you take you will next be tasked with talking to Charles Mans...I mean Major Kyle yourself. He is located at the southwest corner of the complex. when you reach him you will be entered into conversation with the freak. ***NOTE: It should be noted that if you killed any biotics so far you wont have the option of getting Major Kyle to surrender. He will want to rumble right off the bat.*** Major Kyle will admit to his wrong doings and you will have a choice to make. Using Paragon or Renegade dialogue will both get Major Kyle to surrender. You can either accept his terms or decline them and shove some hot led up his rectum. Either way completes this mission. D.---Citadel: Asari Consort--- How do you get it?--- As soon as you arrive at the Citadel you can activate this "mission". Speak to Sha'ira in the consort chambers to start this bull-honkey of a mission. ***Note: it takes 4 charm and 4 intimidate to see all the outcomes of this mission. If you care about seeing it all, it might be best to wait.*** What needs to be done?--- Sha'ira had a falling out with a recent client of hers and would like you to speak with him soldier to soldier, man to man, shepard to stalker. Accepting this gets you the Citadel: Asari Consort mission. your first task? Speaking with General Septimus, who happens to be drunk at the local skin bar Chora's Den. (My sister used to work at a titty club until we found out our real father was a frequent there. It wasn't the shared bloodline that made her leave, the real reason she quit is because when giving here a dollar he would almost always ask for change back). ***Note: You don't need to use persuasions to complete this mission but you should because it will garner you either Paragon or Renegade bonuses. Depending on which type you use.*** Whichever direction you choose to take the conversation the general will respect the words of his fellow soldier. General Septimus will understand the error of his ways and ask you to do him a favor. The General has a datapad that will clear the Consorts name and reputation and asks you to deliver it to her. If you accept this responsibility you will get the: ---Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint--- assignment (If you already completed this assignment Sha'ira will inform you that Xeltian already withdrew his complaint agasint her). Whether or not you accepted the datapad you should head back to the consort to wrap this up. Also depending on your actions you will get two very different outcomes. Paragon: If taking this route the consort will give you a reading of who you are and what you will become. She will also give you a small Prothean token if you spoke with Xeltan and gave him the datapad. Finishing the mission this way gives you a paragon bonus as well as some XP, credits, and Medi-Gel. Renegade: Choosing this route will get you all of the above as well as a "little" something extra. If you choose the "That's it?" option after she finishes speaking you get to do the nasty with the consort. Which we all know is the reason we bought this game. Now only if they had a similar scene with a Hanar... ***Note: Now that you have the Consort's trinket, you can take a little vacation to Eletania in the Hercules System, which lies in the Attican Beta cluster. If you've ever been there before you'd remember seeing a huge floating sphere. Well now you can use that trinket to get a little insight on the Protheans as well as some exp.*** E.---Citadel: Xeltan's Complaint--- How do you get it?---It becomes available after persuading General Septimus during the "Citadel: Asari Consort". Septimus would like your help in clearing the name of the Asari Consort. Agreeing to help will get net you this mission. What needs to be done?--- Xeltan is chilling in the Volus and Elcor offices in the Presidium. when you locate Xeltan speak to him about the deception and you can either take a paragon or renegade stance with him and will garner you the respective bonuses for each persuasion. No matter which route you take in the conversation you will get some credits and xp for your pimp conversation skills. ======================================== 5.---After The First Meeting With The Council--- A.---Citadel: The Fan--- (This is one of my favorite missions simply because this guy is so creepy he reminds me of one my sisters boyfriend's. I was actually worried when he would show up next. It's just a great little quest.) How do you get it?--- After your first meeting with the council you need to speak Conrad Verner in the upper markets section of the Upper Wards. ***Note: Need 2 intimidate and 2 charm to see all dialogue.*** When you first run into Conrad he will smother you in compliments. This guy really digs you, so much that he asks you for an autograph. Give him an autograph to continue this strange quest. ***Note: This quest wont proceed until you complete a Main-Plot story planet.*** When you come back though he will be in the same spot and will be more than excited to see you. He seems to be moist over the fact that you've been named the first human Spectre. He will ask you for a picture (which he intends to do something creepy with I'm sure). ***Note: This quest wont proceed until you complete another Main-Plot story planet.*** Again in the same area our little psycho has a strange request. He would like your assistance in making him a Spectre. No matter if you use persuasion's or just normal dialogue you will convince Conrad he's not cut out for that line of work. Though using persuasions will get you the respective paragon/ renegade bonuses. B.---Citadel: Scan The Keepers--- (The most annoying quest and probably the sole reason for this guide) How do you get it?--- This fungasmic quest is available after your first meeting with the council. You need to speak with Chorban in the Citadel Tower. What needs to be done?--- Chorban, a Salarian is interested in the Keepers (probably for some sick bestiality fetish). At any rate he would like your assistance with scanning these interesting creatures. There is 21 keepers present and all of them need to be scanned. The one good thing about this mission is that for each Keeper you scan you get exp and credits so even if you don't finish the quest you will still get a reward for each you come across. Here is the location of every keeper: 1. Center of the Citadel Tower 2. Southwest corner of the Citadel Tower 3. East side of Citadel Tower 4. Northwest corner of Citadel Tower 5. Northwest corner of the Presidum(just outside the Tower) 6. Northwest corner of the Presidum (near Wards entrance) 7. Presidum, balcony outside Embassy Lounge 8. Presidum, east end of diplomatic archives 9. Presidum, northeast corner of Volus and Elcor embassy 10. Southwest corner of Presidum, outside the consort's chambers 11. Southern Presidum, between Consorts building and Emporium 12. Presidum, in an alcove just south of the Emporium 13. C-Sec Academy, southwest corner of requisition office 14. C-Sec Academy, northern side of traffic control 15. Lower Wards, C-sec vehicle parking lot. 16. Upper Wards, east side, outside the Med Clinic 17. Upper Wards, northwest corner of the market area 18. Upper Wards, alleyway 19. Northeast corner of flux and wards access 20. Upper floor of the Flux, back of the casino 21. Docking Bay, southern end Once all are collected you will finish this tedious mission. the rewards are nice but with each Keeper you have trouble finding your soul dies a little. Worth it for a couple credits? Yeah, I guess so. C.---Citadel: Jahleed's Fears--- How do you get it?--- After your first meeting with the Council you can activate this by speaking with Jahleed in the C-Sec Academy. ***Note: it takes 7 charm and 6 intimidate to see all the outcomes of this mission. If you care about seeing it all, it might be best to wait.*** What needs to be done?--- After you have accepted the Citadel: Scan The Keepers mission you can go to C-Sec Academy and speak with Jahleed, A Volus. Jahleed wants you to speak with a buddy of his. Jahleeds colleague is located in the lower markets, in the Lower Wards. This guy turns out to be someone we know and will easily crack under the pressure. He will give you a little insight and at this point you have a choice to make. You can continue to scan the Keepers for Chorban or you can decline to continue. It doesn't matter what you decide but your mission isn't over quite yet. ***At this point the mission title changes to Citadel: Talk to Jahleed*** Back at the C-Sec Academy Jahleed flips and begs you not to arrest him. You have a persuasion choice to make here then a C-Sec officer will butt in and ask if everything is ok. You have another choice to make here: Paragon/ Neutral: you will say yes and have Jahleed turned over to the proper authorities which will get you exp and credits. The mission title then changes to: ---Citadel: Jahleed Arrested--- Renegade: The officer will leave and Jahleed promises to forget about any keeper research. Also if you have not done the Citadel: Scan The Keepers quest yet Jahleed will offer this to you now...sweet right after vowing not to do it! D.---Citadel: Reporter's Request--- How do you get it?--- After your first meeting with the Council this mission becomes available. Speak with Emily Wong in the Upper Wards. ***Note: This mission can be missed if you leave the Citadel without speaking to Emily Wong or forget to pick up the OSD in Fist's office during a Main Story Mission.*** What needs to be done?--- In the Upper Wards you will find a Human reporter by the name of Emily Wong. If you speak with her you will learn that she is trying to expose a organized crime group on the Citadel and guess what hotshot?'re going to help. Getting some information is the first task on this mission and its easily done. You can pick up a OSD (optical storage disc) in Fists office. It's so easy because you have to go through there on a main story mission so when the time comes just remember to pick that disc up. Its also fulfilled after you rescue Tali. *If you already grabbed the disc after rescuing her you will deliver the information *If you forgot to get the disc you will get a chance to go back and pick the disc up. So don't worry if you forgot the first time around, Biff. Return to Emily Wong in the Upper Wards to complete this quest for a reward of some credits and exp. ***Note: If you have a Charm of 1 or an intimidate of 2 you can con Emily into giving you more credits.*** (I was kind of hoping for a "romantic" encounter with Emily Wong but..a few times she's been around this track and it just ain't gonna happen like that. Cause she ain't no holla back girl, yeah she aint no holla back girl...dang). E.---Citadel: Rita's Sister--- How do you get it?--- After your first meeting with the Council you can get this quest by visiting with Rita who is a waitress at the Flux. After learning a little bit you can decide to help Rita by looking into the matter, we need to talk with Jenna now. (Wow one sister is a waitress at a bar and the other bartends at a strip club...too...many...jokes.) Jenna is working at the Chora's Den in the Lower Wards. When speaking with her choose your appropriate responses and move the conversation along. Though Jenna will refuse to give out any information. It's time to report back to Rita. On your way back to Rita some rude jerk by the name of Chellick will "bump" into you. So instead of going back to Rita lets meet this guy at C-Sec Academy. Chellick is located in the southwest corner of the C-Sec offices. He's not to happy with the recent turn of events and of course enlists your help. At this point you have the option and if you have high enough charm/ intimidation points you can convince Chellick to cut Jenna loose right then and there. Other wise continue on with the conversation. you need to agree to meet a guy named Jax in the lower markets area of the Lower Wards. Down in the lower markets you have a few options of how you want to deal with the situation. Paragon/ Renegade: Will both get you the same end. You will refuse to pay Jax and will have to fight the Krogan and his two Powerpuff Girl bodyguards. Neutral: Will have you completing the sale just how you were asked. ***This will change the Mission title's name to Citadel: Rita's Sister and Chellick*** All you have to do now is return to Chellick with the results which will get you very different responses depending on how you handled the situation. No matter what happened you will get some exp, credits, Omni-Gel, and a Grenade. F.--- Citadel: Homecoming--- How Do you get it?--- This quest becomes available after you save Tali from those thugs. After you speak with Captain Anderson and the Ambassador, leave the embassy you will hear a guy calling out your name. What needs to be done?--- Outside the building a man by the name of Samesh Bhatia will call out your name. Once you engage in conversation with him he will give you a sob story about his wife. ***Note: Have Ashley in your party during this mission to see some extra dialogue.*** You now need to speak with an alliance diplomat Bosker. He happens to be in charge of this sick operation. In the Presidum you will find Bosker loafing around in the embassy lounge. After speaking with the diplomat you will learn they are keeping the body for a certain reason and of course, its your decision to decide if this is ethical of not. You have a few options here: Paragon/ Renegade: By using either of the two persuasions you can convince Clerk Bosker to release the body. By doing so you need a charm of 2 or an intimidate of 3. Agree with Clerk Bosker: By agreeing with him you need to say "Thanks for the information" or "Samesh should hear this". No matter which option you choose you need to go back to Samesh and inform him of the outcome, which gets you some exp. G.---Citadel: Doctor Michel--- How do you get it?---After defeating Fist and having talked to Dr.Michel once before. ***Note: You need a charm of 6 and a intimidate of 3 to see all parts of this quest. Might want to save this one for later...or don't*** What needs to be done?--- When you walk into Dr. Michel's office you will overhear hear being blackmailed by some dude. She needs your help in keeping something a secret(and no she didn't used to be a man!). Of course Shepard gets involved into someone else's business like a nosey high school girl. So we are off to speak with Morlan a merchant in the Lower Wards. When you first speak with Morlan he will be surprised and before anything can be resolved some big Krogan threatens to reveal everything if he doesn't get the medical supplies. You have a choice to make here as well. If you have a high enough Charm or Intimidate you can persuade the Krogan to leave Dr. Michel alone. Or if you choose to, you can fight the Krogan he's not to tough so don't worry about it. Apparently he is working for some honkey named Banes. No matter how you resolved that issue we need to go speak with Doc. Michel. Speak with the good doctor and inform her of your success in fixing her problem. You might also ask her if she knows who this "Banes" fellow is. Looks like this cracker may have had ties to the government, Maybe you should speak with Captain Anderson? Or don't because its not necessary to activate the quest, it just adds another step. By completing this mission you are awarded some credits, exp, and Medi-Gel. H.---Citadel: Signal Tracking--- How do you get it? This mission is first available after your initial meeting with the Council. You will find a strange gambling machine at the back of Flux's casino. What's needs to be done?--- After investigating the suspicious machine you will discover that someone is wiring money to a outside account. This will get you the assignment "Citadel: Signal Tracking" and our first task? You guessed it...sleep with a cheap hooker! Nah just kidding, we gotta track that signal. The signal is tracked to the north side of the Wards access hallway. Further investigation reveals that the signal has been bounced of a relay. Looks like we have some more sleuthing to do. Follow the signal to the Financial District in the Presidium. It looks like the signal is coming from a computer behind a counter. after looking into it we learn that, yes another relay is being used. Lets be off then! Still in the Presidium we learn that another relay is in the Emporium. Go there and investigate the row of computers. Another relay? Not this time slick, as it turns out we've come across an Artificial Intelligence. It apparently doesn't like you much and initiates a self destruct sequence. This opens a mini game of sorts. You need to discover the right button combination to save your scrawny hide. If you have a correct button it will flash green, if wrong the screen flashes red and you need to start over. Also if your feeling lazy here it is: Y, X, Y, A, X, A, A. Stopping the self destruct sequence awards you a few things. One, being you get a exp bonus. Two, you also get whatever credits where leftover in the machine. Also, in a distant third, you saved your pathetic crappy life. I.---Citadel: Schells The Gambler--- How do you get it?---You need to first complete the mission "Citadel: Rita's Sister". Watch a bouncer outside of flux throw a Salarian out of the club, talk to the loser. What needs to be done?---Schells wants you to help him with a little hustle. You need to accept his offer and you are faced with a choice. Paragon: If you don't any part of his plan you need to speak with Doran on the western end of the casino and give him Schell's tool. He will award you a bunch of credits. Renegade: You need to win at five games of Quasar to complete this task. Though, the casinos owner will start to get suspicious if you win seven games. If that happens he will have your butt thrown out. So no more than six wins with the cheating device ok? No matter which choice you went with you need to speak with Schells to complete this strange mission. ======================================== 6.---After being made a Spectre--- A.---UNC: Missing Survey Team--- How do you get it?--- After being made a Spectre just ride an elevator and when the appropriate news video plays, you will get this mission. What needs to be done?--- Your going to have to head to Trebin, Antaeus System in the Hades Gamma cluster. You need to land on Trebin but before you do, make sure to bring along some serious firepower(your going to be getting into some heavy stuff), Wrex always does the trick. Also bring some weapon mods that do extra damage against synthetics. Once you've landed head northeast an you will come across a research base. When you've arrived there its time to head down into the mining shaft. After a bit you will get rushed by some Husks. A great tip is to keep backing up and keep a solid distance from the modified wussies. After every husk has been wasted this mission is over, you also get an interesting message. B.---UNC: Hostile Takeover--- (This mission is sort of long...and kind of a pain to write. So yeah, just thought I would throw that out there.) How do you get it?---After you become a Spectre this assignment becomes available. To get this "fun" mission you have one of two choices. 1. If you have a high decryption skill you can hack a computer which is located in the southeast office of the office area in the C-Sec Academy. 2. Or the easy route, speak with Helena Blake whom is located on the south side of the Presidium, next to the bank. What needs to be done?--- When speaking with Helena you can choose to either accept or decline this mission. If you decline this request you will earn a Paragon bonus but deprive yourself of some serious combat with both Humans and Krogan. If you decide to take on this mission remember to get some mods that do extra damage to organics. We need to head to two different worlds and wipe out a base full of gangsters on each. 1. Mavigon in the Han System, located in the Gemini Sigma cluster. The base here is located southeast of your drop point and is also heavily fortified with turrets. It would be best to wipe these out with the Mako's cannon. Shouldn't be much of a problem because leaving the Mako on this planet is a bad idea. 2. Klensal in the Dis System, located in the Hades Gamma cluster. This time the bases is located southwest of your drop point and is protected by a bunch of sniper towers and mercs. Wipe them out. With both bases in ruin we need to report back to that Helena chick. She has her own base on the planet of Amaranthine, in the Fortuna System, located in the Horse Head nebula cluster. Once you've landed there head south/southeast to do some thuggin in her base. Once you enter the base you (as always) have a choice to make. Paragon/ Renegade: By using the appropriate persuasions you can convince her to back off and disband peacefully. You will also get the usual bonus for doing this. OR Travis Bickle Approach: By Choosing the dialogue "Your under arrest" you will enter a fight with Helena and her gang of thugs. First a purple energy wall will block the doorway and you need to shoot it before you can pass. A word to the wise, these guys are a bit tougher than other mercs. so just take your time, be patient, and shove your .45 down Helena's throat! After the bloodbath(or peaceful resolution)...your mission is complete C.---UNC: Hostage--- How do you get it?--- After being made a Spectre just ride an elevator and when the appropriate news video plays, you will get this fun mission. What needs to be done?--- Looks like you need to head to the MSV Ontario which lies in the Farinata System, in the Hades Gamma cluster. Remember you will be facing off against biotics. Equip mods that do increased damage against biotics. Also some armor that protects against biotic attack wouldn't be a bad idea either. You will die quickly if you try to fight them all at once so you have a couple of option here. You could either attempt to pick them off one by one OR do my most trusted method and bottle neck the biotic freaks. By bottle necking I mean have your squad mates wait in the hallway where you first enter and go ahead alone, Then get the biotics to follow you back. This makes it easier to wipe out the biotics. You only have three minutes here so use your time wisely. Use your preferred method and wipe them out. Once that is over enter the northeastern room and confront the groups leader. You have a choice to make here. Persuasion: By having a Charm of 6 or a Intimidate of 5 you can calm the leader down and defuse the situation peacefully. you will also get a Paragon/ Renegade bonus for using this. OR Duke Nukem Method: Its time to kick butt and chew bubblegum and unfortunately for the biotics...your all out of bubblegum. Forget the persuasions and enter a firefight with the jerks. As your wasting them keep in mind the guy you have come to save can be killed in battle. Keep him alive and make sure your own bullets don't go through him. Once the Chairman is safe the assignment is complete. D.---UNC: Missing Marines--- How do you get it?--- After being made a Spectre you have the option of speaking with Admiral Kahoku (you may have been sent to him by Captain Anderson at the end of the "Citadel: Dr. Michel" mission). At any rate, Kahoku is located in the Citadel Tower. What needs to be done?--- The Admiral wants you to tread were he cannot. head for Edolus, in the Sparta System which is located in the Artemis Tau cluster. Once at Edolus make a landing and head north which is where the distress beacon is located. When arriving there you will be attacked by a Thresher Maw. Many strategies work when fighting these annoying things and all I can really say is keep your distance and keep moving. After the beast is slain drive up to the distress beacon and investigate it and one of the marines to learn the cruel fate of the deceased. All that is left now is to inform the Admiral of the recent events. head back to the Citadel Tower and give him the bad news. Doing so finishes this mission. ======================================== 7. ---Noveria--- A.---Noveria: Smuggling--- How do you get it?--- You can get this mission as you land on Noveria. There is a Hanar Merchant name Opold and he wants you to do a little dirty work for him. The Hanar Opold is located at the northeastern corner of the Port Hanshan Plaza. What needs to be done?--- If you accepted this mission the Hanar will have the mysterious item sent to your ship for pickup. Once this item is picked up you will learn what it is. You need to decide now what you want to do with it. 1. take the package back to Opold but tell him your keeping it for yourself. ***Note: By doing this a number of consequences will happen. For starters, the Krogan who was supposed to get the mod... won't like you much and will attack you the next time you stroll into the docking bay. Also the mod doesn't have "set" stats, it varies depending on your level. So you may want to do this one later. If this is the route you plan to take of course.*** 2. Take the Mod back to Opold as he wanted. By doing so you will get 250 credits. Also this can be increased if you have a high enough Charm/ Intimidate. You will also get a Paragon/ Renegade bonus. 3. Take the item to Inamorda, a Krogan located in Port Hanshan Mezzanine. Inamorda was the guy who was going to get the Mod anyways and by taking it right to him you can get a bit more cash. He will pay you 500 credits and can even be increased to 750 with Charm/ Intimidate. A Charm/ Intimidate bonus will also be given. 4. You can take the illegal weapon mod to Anoleis the base administrator. In exchange for your deal he will give you a pass to the garage. You need this to further the story but there is other methods. Besides, this guy is a real dink. At any rate, any decision you decide gets you a fairly decent reward. B.---Doctor At Risk/ UNC: Dead Scientists--- ***Note: If you have the sole survivor background this mission is a bit more personal for you.*** How do you get it?--- This mission becomes available after arriving on Noveria. While on the southwest corner of Port Hanshan Mezzanine's upper floor you can hack a terminal. Do so to get this mission. Also of note, you need sufficient skill in electronics to decrypt this terminal. What needs to be done?--- When a successful hack is completed you will get a message regarding a location in the Newton System. This system lies in the Kepler Verge cluster, head there now. Once you arrive in the Newton System you will receive a message informing you of the current situation. It looks like you need to find the last remaining scientist and fast. He happens to be located on Ontarom, in the same system After landing head southeast and you will arrive at a facility. lucky you, the base is infested with mercs. Distance is your friend here. when all the mercs are wasted head into the base. When inside you will have to face eight more mercs, so remember to use the appropriate mods that do increased damage to organics. After the fight is over head into southwestern room and be ready for a revelation. The scientist you came to save is here but so is a guy who happens to have a gun on to the scientists head. You might know Toombs (if you have the sole survivor background). The soldier gives you a little background information to what's going on and you have to decide quick on how to handle this explosive situation. Heres the run of dialogue options: "Lets Make it Public"- completely useless. It wont get you anywhere. "Go ahead", "Do it", "Think about this!"- all lead to the same end, Toombs caps the scientist then wastes himself. "This isn't justice"- Toombs wil let the scientist live and lower his weapon. Requires a Charm of 12 "Let me do it"- Toombs remains alive and guess who caps the scientist? You! You cold hearted jerk! Requires a Intimidate of 9 I believe. Whichever decision you ran with its time to wrap this up, head back to the Mako. Once there, access the Galaxy map to complete this mission. C.---Noveria: Espionage--- How do you get it?--- After landing on Noveria this fun little mission becomes available. When you enter the Port Hanshan Mezzanine an Asari by the name of Mallene Callis will call out your name. You have a couple options here: 1. You can listen to her plea and further the plot. OR 2. Ignore her plea of help, much like my dad does to me. What needs to be done?---If you chose option one we can continue this quest(if you chose option two, proceed to laugh now). It looks like you need to pose as a buyer for an certain substance. If you accept this mission Mallene will hand you a device that will assist in the operation, she will also give you a bit of advice, location of the target, and send you on your way. Once you approach the human male(who is located at the bars north side) you have a couple of choices. 1. You can tell Rafeal that you were asked to spy on him. The Human will thank you and be off. 2. You can grill him with persuasions until Mallene's little device beeps. Once that happens just make up a excuse and book it out of there. You now need to return to Mallene and inform her of the results, again we have a couple of options here. 1. If you happened to tell Rafeal of the espionage plan and inform Mallene of this she will get a bit upset and leave Noveria. this route gets you a Paragon bonus. 2. If you happened to tell Rafeal of the espionage plan and lie to Mallene that you finished the job she will award you with the promised credits. Using Charm (lvl-12) or Intimidate (lvl-9) you can get here to pay you more credits. Doing this gets you a huge renegade bonus. 3. If you successfully hacked Rafeal's network and report this to Mallene she will award you with credits, which can be increased by using either Charm/ Intimidate. You get the usual bonus for using either. Mission Complete. ======================================== 8. ---Feros--- A.---UNC: Espionage Probe--- How do you get it?--- After landing on Feros this mission is available. If you hack the terminal inside the downed freighter in Zhu's Hope this mission is given to you. What needs to be done?--- While in Zhu's Hope walk inside the downed freighter and if you or a squad mate have sufficient decryption skill you can hack the terminal and receive a message. Looks like you need to travel to Agebinium, which lies in the Amazon System, located in the Voyager cluster. Once there you will recieve and interesting message. Looks like your stuck cleaning up an Alliance mess created back in the First Contact War. Land on Agebinium and lets get this show on the road. ***Note: You will be facing organics so bring the proper mods that do additional damage to organics. Also it may be a good idea to bring along someone with a high decryption skill, if you don't have one of course.*** Once you've landed head northwest towards the probe. Once you arrive on site it will become clear that we are about to do some spelunking. There is no enemies in the mines and the probe we are looking for is in the northern most room of the mine. It also happens to be behind a large door. Before you can enjoy the new scenery your way back becomes blocked off and a hologram activates informing you of just what is going on here. Before you can wet your huggies the bombs countdown timer starts. To deactivate the bomb(which you have 10 seconds to do) requires you to either make three successful ten button attempts(which comes out to 30 button presses) or use 100 Omni-Gel (Which comes out to 300 Omni-Gel total). You can proceed to cry now. If you survived the countdown continue out of mine(you cant go out the way you came). Once back on the surface of Agebinium you will notice a couple of things. Well first of all you happen to be on a ridge overlooking a merc camp, which happens to house the man who tried to kill you. Second, the stole your Mako! Its one thing to try and kill a man but its a whole other ballgame if you mess with a guys wheels. A few strategies work in this situation and it's up to you on how you wanna waste these suckas. 1. Pick the mercs of with a sniper rifle. This strategy works ok but the mercs have rifles of there own...and they are pretty dang good too. 2. Make a mad dash into the camp and unleash bullets from close range. This strategy doesnt really work the best. although this is how I beat it on my first try, tons of fun. 3. Saving the best for last, make a run for the Mako and if you can make it you will be in an armored vehicle for this battle. Run em over, gun em down. Just basically GTA these hosers. This strategy is my personal favorite as its almost a cake walk if done this way. After all the mercs are toasted, your job here is finished. (Timeout for a second, the next four missions all take place basically in the same area. It would make more sense to do them all at once then to do them one at a time, right?) B.---Feros: Geth In The Tunnels--- How do you get it?--- This mission becomes available after landing on Feros and after the Thorian is beaten. Make sure the person giving this mission isn't killed in the assault on Zu's Hope. Speak with Fai Dan. What needs to be done--- Fai Dan wants you to take out a Geth transmitter which happen to be located in some underground tunnels. The transmitter is located in the eastern most room of the tunnels middle section. The real problem isnt getting to the transmitter but actually destroying it. The transmitter is guarded by two snipers and three ticked of Krogans. You won't have much room here but try to keep your distance from the Krogans and you will do just fine. After the transmitter is destroyed report back to Fai Dan and complete this easy little task. C.---Feros: Power Cells--- How do you get it?---This mission becomes available after landing on Feros and after the Thorian is beaten. Make sure the person giving this mission isn't killed in the assault on Zu's Hope. Speak with May O'Connell What needs to be done?--- Inside the tower at the center of Zhu's Hope is May. As it turns out the colony is having a bit of an energy problem. So as usual...your going to solve it. All may really asks of you is to keep your eyes on the lookout for additional energy cells. Can't be to hard right? Well its not, in fact its in the collapsed bridge area that happens to be crawling with Verran. The energy cells happen to be in of the wrecked vehicles. ***Note: The required quest kill for the mission "Feros: Verran Meat" is located here as well. The kill is the Verran alpha male.*** Once the required items are acquired you can head back to May and finish this mission. D.---Feros: Water Restoration--- How do you get it?---This mission becomes available after landing on Feros and after the Thorian is beaten. Make sure the person giving this mission isn't killed in the assault on Zu's Hope. Speak with Macha Doyle. What needs to be done?--- Speak with Macha near the colony entrance to learn of a growing issue that needs your attenion. Looks like we need to open up a few water valves. This mission is incredibly easy. All three valves are located in the main north-south tunnel. The only issue you may have is you may walk past a valve. Why? you will be busy fighting geth in the tunnels. In any case all this mission requires is turning on three valves. once finished, return to Macha Doyle to complete this task. E.---Feros: Verran Meat--- How do you get it?--- This mission becomes available after landing on Feros and after the Thorian is beaten. Make sure the person giving this mission isnt killed in the assault on Zu's Hope. Speak with Davin Reynolds What needs to be done?--- Davin wants your assistance in taking down a beast. The alpha male is located behind a large door located in the middle of the western side of the tunnels. Immediatly after entering the room you will be rushed by Verran. The good thing is that Verran are totally weak, now the alpha male is a different story and could prove mildly difficult. Nothing a Spectre cant handle though, right? ***Note: The required quest item for the mission "Feros: Power Cells" is located here as well. The item is in one of the burnt out cars.*** After the alpha male is dead head back and inform Davin, I'm sure he will be pleased with the results. F.---Feros: Data Recovery--- How do you get it?--- This mission becomes available after killing the Thorian. you need to speak with Gavin Hossle located in the refugee camp. What needs to be done?--- Inside the refugee camp Gavin asks your assistance in retrieving some data. All you need to do is find his console in ExoGeni, copy the contents to a disc, and return the findings to him. Also he's willing to "make it worth your while" if your into that sort of thing of course. Gavin's console is locates on the eastern end of ExoGeni's upper level. It happens to be guarded by three ticked off Korgans. They will make attempts at charging you, make use of biotics to keep them at a distance. Once the Krogan lay dead, Access the console to get the necessary info. All that's left is to return the disc to Gavin, who happens to still be at the refugee camp. Once you've done that, this mission is complete. G.---Investigate Samples/ UNC: Colony of The Dead--- How do you get it?---This mission is available as soon as you arrive at ExoGeni. If your buzzing around ExoGeni's Upper Floor, specifically the far west side you will discover a "server node". It happens to be guarded by five geth. (At this point I'm really getting tired of the Geth. The way they keep popping up and won't go away reminds me of Herpes. The burn that keeps on burning...or so I've heard.) What needs to be done?--- After overriding the server you will receive a strange transmission. If you choose to follow this mission we need to head to Chasca which is in the Matano system, located in the Maroon Sea cluster. Once you've landed you need to head southeast towards a Science Facility. ***Note: Near the facility is two civilian structures. They happen to be optional but husks are really easy to fight and the easy exp and items are more than worth the minimal risk and time.*** When you've arrived at the facility be ready to be welcomed by tons of Husks not only outside but inside as well. The strategy is simple, Husks enjoy getting in close and blasting with an energy field. So just keep your distance and pick them off a couple at a time. Double back if necessary. Once all the Husks have been wasted head to the southwest room inside the facility and activate the terminal. Your able to download the colonists logs and by doing so you will learn something not so surprising. You might know the Cerberus group pretty well by now, or may have at least heard of them. In any case, looks like one of them may have recently been through here... Mission complete...for now. H.---Investigate Facility/ UNC: ExoGeni Facility--- How do you get it?--- This mission is available as soon as you arrive at ExoGeni. While on the western half of ExoGeni's upper floor, you will find a terminal which is able to be hacked. More specifically the terminal is located just after seeing the claw of the Geth ship, if you don't know

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