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Stub categories by size; data as of 15:26, 01 March 2018 (UTC).

Less than 30 stubs, no subcategories[edit]

11960s Hong Kong film stubs00
2Alsace castle stubs00
3Aquitaine building and structure stubs00
4Aquitaine railway station stubs00
5Arizona river stubs00
6Chromalveolate stubs00
7Comedy crime film stubs00
8Emirati sportspeople stubs00
9Georgia politician stubs00
10Georgian history stubs00
11Greater Vancouver geography stubs00
12Greater Vancouver stubs00
13Idaho river stubs00
14Invertebrate stubs00
15Kingdom of Denmark stubs00
16Legal term stubs00
17Midi-Pyrénées railway station stubs00
18Montana river stubs00
19Namco Bandai stubs00
20Nevada river stubs00
21New Mexico river stubs00
22Niger politician stubs00
23Non-alcoholic beverage stubs00
24Nord-Trøndelag church stubs00
25Osterode district geography stubs00
26Pakistan power station stubs00
27Prehistoric life stubs00
28Protist stubs00
29Rhône-Alpes geography stubs00
30Shōgi stubs00
31Sierra Leonian politician stubs00
32State of Palestine stubs00
33Sør-Trøndelag church stubs00
34Uncategorized stubs from March 201800
35Unikont stubs00
36United Kingdom Anglican church stubs00
37Utah river stubs00
38Visakhapatnam geography stubs00
39Wasp stubs00
40Wyoming river stubs00
41YouTube stubs00
42YouTuber stubs00
43Steubenville-Follansbee Stubs players10
44Monthly clean-up category (test stubs) counter20
45WikiProject Motorcycling stubs20
46New Brunswick school stubs30
47Uncategorized stubs from February 201830
48Vermont Registered Historic Place stubs40
492016 Summer Olympics stubs50
50Berkshire County, Massachusetts Registered Historic Place stubs50
51Wikipedia essays about stubs50
52Artsakhian building and structure stubs60
53Greenlandic media stubs60
54Singleton Council geography stubs60
55Zimbabwe radio station stubs70
56Dungog Shire geography stubs80
57Neutral Moresnet stubs80
58Peerage of Great Britain viscount stubs80
59Peerage of the United Kingdom duke stubs90
60Saudi Arabian airport stubs90
61Tor (anonymity network) stubs90
62French voice actor stubs100
63Tuva stubs100
64American film actor, 1840s birth stubs110
65Cape Verdean football club stubs110
66Casino game stubs110
67Canadian naval ship stubs120
68Louisiana road stubs120
69Muswellbrook Shire geography stubs120
70Sammarinese football club stubs120
71Supercluster stubs120
72Upper Hunter Shire geography stubs120
73Vikarabad district geography stubs120
74Wales castle stubs120
75American film actor, 2000s birth stubs130
76Austro-Hungarian people stubs130
77Faroese football club stubs130
78Khakassia stubs130
79Kowloon stubs130
80Prehistoric cnidarian stubs130
81Turkish castle stubs130
82Utah Museum stubs130
83Albanian newspaper stubs140
84Banknote stubs140
85Isotope stubs140
86Nepalese cuisine stubs140
87Serbian nobility stubs140
88United Kingdom bus operating company stubs140
89American telenovelas stubs150
90Bangladeshi cuisine stubs150
91Bangladeshi literature stubs150
92Cell cycle stubs150
93Mars-crossing asteroid stubs150
94Neurotoxin stubs150
95Port Stephens Council geography stubs150
96Rojava stubs150
97Video game book stubs150
98Conservative MP (UK), 1950s birth stubs160
99Peerage of Great Britain duke stubs160
100Prehistoric Asteroidea stubs160
101Qarchak County geography stubs160
102South Korean voice actor stubs160
103Soviet football club stubs160
104Soviet scientist stubs160
105Australian sociologist stubs170
106British golf tournament stubs170
107Brussels geography stubs170
108Caucasian language stubs170
109Estonian artist stubs170
110Hawaii transportation stubs170
111Hmong–Mien language stubs170
112Japonic language stubs170
113Jordanian football competition stubs170
114Montenegrin football club stubs170
115Prehistoric beetle stubs170
116Utah hospital stubs170
117Weddell Island geography stubs170
118Zhuhai stubs170
119ATV stubs180
120American baseball outfielder, 1980s birth stubs180
121Art Nouveau stubs180
122Azad Kashmiri people stubs180
123Cornwall archaeology stubs180
124Cryptomonad stubs180
125Electrical connectors stubs180
126Luxembourgian football club stubs180
127MUD stubs180
128Middle Ages stubs180
129Port Harcourt stubs180
130Precambrian animal stubs180
131American business biography, 1980s birth stubs190
132Bruneian building and structure stubs190
133Canadian ice hockey winger, 1990s births stubs190
134Flevoland geography stubs190
135French sociologist stubs190
136Haiti company stubs190
137Jamaica government stubs190
138Jersey sport stubs190
139Kazakhstani football club stubs190
140Luxembourgian MEP stubs190
141Mexico City radio station stubs190
142Myxophaga stubs190
143Nigerian beauty pageant contestant stubs190
144Pittsburgh Pirates season stubs190
145Polish sociologist stubs190
146Saitama Prefecture railway station stubs190
148Syrian opposition stubs190
149Vermont road stubs190
150Washington (state) protected area stubs190
151Austrian MEP stubs200
152Galaxy cluster stubs200
153Goslar district geography stubs200
154Iraqi Kurdistan geography stubs200
155Luxembourgian football competition stubs200
156Macrosphenidae stubs200
157Neuroscientist stubs200
158Programming language theory stubs200
159Quintana Roo radio station stubs200
160String theory stubs200
161Video game gameplay stubs200
162Church of England archbishop stubs210
163Czech MEP stubs210
164Guangzhou stubs210
165Maine Registered Historic Place stubs210
166Maitland geography stubs210
167Miyagi Prefecture railway station stubs210
168Spanish football goalkeeper stubs210
169Spanish language stubs210
170Swahili stubs210
171Turkic language stubs210
172Van stubs210
173Voronezh Oblast geography stubs210
174Atomic, molecular, and optical physics stubs220
175Bosnia and Herzegovina winter sports stubs220
176Cessnock geography stubs220
177Gilgit-Baltistan history stubs220
178Handball venue stubs220
179Hawaiian royalty stubs220
180Isle of Man sport stubs220
181Iwate Prefecture railway station stubs220
182Take-Two Interactive stubs220
183U.S. Interstate Highway stubs220
184Asian sociologist stubs230
185Australian Greens politician stubs230
186Ballroom dance stubs230
187British painter, 17th-century birth stubs230
188Canada trail stubs230
189Geastrales stubs230
190IDW Publishing comic book stubs230
191Jehovah's Witnesses stubs230
192Nuevo León geography stubs230
193Pakistani domestic cricket competition stubs230
194Zanzibari politician stubs230
195American jazz guitarist stubs240
196Azerbaijani history stubs240
197Bavaria railway station stubs240
198Khorramdarreh County geography stubs240
199Malaysian football club stubs240
200Oxfordshire school stubs240
201Peerage of England viscount stubs240
202Pork stubs240
203Prehistoric arachnid stubs240
204Prehistoric hominin stubs240
205Thane geography stubs240
206ZeniMax Media stubs240
207Adrar Province geography stubs250
208Archostemata stubs250
209Buckinghamshire school stubs250
210Chinese philosopher stubs250
211Creationism stubs250
212Cryptocurrency stubs250
213Drama television episode stubs250
214Estonian football club stubs250
215Falconiformes stubs250
216Haptophyte stubs250
217Hungarian MEP stubs250
218ITC Distributions stubs250
219Internet Relay Chat stubs250
220Irish MEP stubs250
221Mandatory Palestine stubs250
222Mauritanian politician stubs250
223Mexican-American stubs250
224Mining company stubs250
225New Jersey road stubs250
226Norwegian sociologist stubs250
227Pakistani power station stubs250
228Poetry year stubs250
229Polish football competition stubs250
230Portugal government stubs250
231Portuguese volleyball biography stubs250
232Scottish clan stubs250
233Slovak volleyball biography stubs250
234Sony Interactive Entertainment stubs250
235Steubenville Stubs players250
236Sydney rail transport stubs250
237The Left (Germany) politician stubs250
238Tropical cyclone stubs250
239Ubisoft stubs250
2402000s pop punk rock album stubs260
241Abidjan geography stubs260
242African flag stubs260
243American film actor, 1850s birth stubs260
244Australian guitarist stubs260
245Chadian politician stubs260
246Danish football competition stubs260
247Developmental psychology stubs260
248ESports organization stubs260
249German submarine stubs260
250Graffiti stubs260
251Hemichordate stubs260
252Hypericum stubs260
253Kalmykia stubs260
254Mathematics competition stubs260
255Minority rights activist stubs260
256Modern art stubs260
257Moldovan football club stubs260
258Nyingchi geography stubs260
259Paramilitary action stubs260
260Parapsychology stubs260
261Portuguese MEP stubs260
262South African soccer club stubs260
263Surrey school stubs260
264Theoretical chemistry stubs260
265Touring car racing stubs260
266Ukrainian actor stubs260
267United Kingdom service company stubs260
268Utah church stubs260
269Utah sports venue stubs260
270Welsh women's football biography stubs260
271Western Australia rail transport stubs260
272American television actor, 1910s birth stubs270
273Arabic music stubs270
274Australian World War II stubs270
275Danish battle stubs270
276Ice hockey video game stubs270
277Israeli football club stubs270
278Jurassic fish stubs270
279Kansas road stubs270
280Kenyan political party stubs270
281Light novel stubs270
282Montpellier stubs270
283Newcastle, New South Wales geography stubs270
284Nigerian Christian clergy stubs270
285Private equity biography stubs270
286Rail shooter stubs270
287Scientology stubs270
288Snow Island (South Shetland Islands) geography stubs270
289South American sociologist stubs270
290Speech and debate stubs270
291Tochigi Prefecture railway station stubs270
292Vivendi Games stubs270
293War of 1812 stubs270
294Washington Metro stubs270
295Australian crime biography stubs280
296Austrian railway station stubs280
297British computer magazine stubs280
298British television actor, 1950s birth stubs280
299Canadian model stubs280
300Capcom stubs280
301Central Asian football competition stubs280
302Finnish football competition stubs280
303Gold Coast, Queensland stubs280
304Hong Kong musical group stubs280
305Lithuanian company stubs280
306Mid-Coast Council geography stubs280
307Minicomputer stubs280
308Navajo Nation stubs280
309New Hampshire church stubs280
310New Kowloon geography stubs280
311Nigerien politician stubs280
312Oceanian sculptor stubs280
313Ohio road stubs280
314Power Rangers stubs280
315Romanian MEP stubs280
316Salem witch trials stubs280
317South Korean film director stubs280
318Tianjin stubs280
319Triggerfish stubs280
320White dwarf star stubs280
321Xenacoelomorpha stubs280
322Algerian school stubs290
323Arkansas road stubs290
324Bulgarian MEP stubs290
325Dragonlance stubs290
326EU law stubs290
327Emberizidae stubs290
328Emulation software stubs290
329German sociologist stubs290
330Ghanaian diplomat stubs290
331Ghanaian football club stubs290
332Greek royalty stubs290
333Haitian musician stubs290
334Indiana television station stubs290
335Latter Day Saint people stubs290
336Lhasa geography stubs290
337Lithuanian football club stubs290
338Meteoroid stubs290
339Moroccan school stubs290
340Nanjing stubs290
341North Carolina road stubs290
342Phalaenopsis stubs290
343Rogaland church stubs290
344Serbian political party stubs290
345Shikoku university stubs290
346Slovenian football club stubs290
347Social psychology stubs290
348Soviet weightlifting biography stubs290
349Tatarstan geography stubs290
350Tonnidae stubs290
351Ukrainian painter stubs290
352Ukrainian scientist stubs290
353Unitarian Universalism stubs290

Less than 60 stubs, no subcategories[edit]

1Body modification stubs300
2British business biography, 1960s birth stubs300
3Brunei government stubs300
4County Kildare geography stubs300
5Drum and bass stubs300
6ESports tournament stubs300
7Finnish MEP stubs300
8Hungarian football competition stubs300
9Japanese politician, 1920s birth stubs300
10Komi Republic stubs300
11Lviv stubs300
12Maltese football competition stubs300
13Medieval music stubs300
14Meghalaya politician stubs300
15Montérégie geography stubs300
16New Territories geography stubs300
17Shannan, Tibet geography stubs300
18South Korean museum stubs300
19Third-person shooter stubs300
20Ukrainian figure skating biography stubs300
21Welsh football competition stubs300
22YouTubers stubs300
23American business academic biography stubs310
24American screen actor, 1910s birth stubs310
25British Indian military stubs310
26Canadian sociologist stubs310
27Croatian castle stubs310
28Eidos Interactive stubs310
29Estonian Olympic medalist stubs310
30Fishkeeping stubs310
31Formula One racing video game stubs310
32Free Democratic Party (Germany) politician stubs310
33Gao Region geography stubs310
34Gunma Prefecture railway station stubs310
35Horror video game stubs310
36Iranian dam stubs310
37Maltese football club stubs310
38Mehran County geography stubs310
39Mirjaveh County geography stubs310
40Paraguayan history stubs310
41Polychora stubs310
42Pornographic magazine stubs310
43Prince of Wales–Hyder Census Area, Alaska geography stubs310
44Radiolarian stubs310
45Redcar and Cleveland geography stubs310
46Text editor stubs310
47Tunisian football club stubs310
48Turkey musical group stubs310
49Unitarianism stubs310
50Video game website stubs310
51Youth Olympics stubs310
52Alzey-Worms geography stubs320
53Ancient Greek battle stubs320
54Bomber stubs320
55Bosnia and Herzegovina history stubs320
56Buryatia stubs320
57Danish MEP stubs320
58Denali Borough, Alaska geography stubs320
59Dubai stubs320
60Electric vehicle stubs320
61European dance stubs320
62Fixed shooter stubs320
63Herb and spice stubs320
64Iran business biography stubs320
65Latvian history stubs320
66Maryland university stubs320
67Metropolis of Lyon geography stubs320
68Napoleonic Wars stubs320
69Oceanian airline stubs320
70Paddle-and-ball video game stubs320
71Palghar district geography stubs320
72Sareyn County geography stubs320
73Simulation software stubs320
74Social work stubs320
75Swedish MEP stubs320
76United States Roman Catholic cathedral stubs320
77Vanilloideae stubs320
781930s Hindi-language film stubs330
79Austrian musical group stubs330
80Azerbaijani organization stubs330
81Bad Kreuznach district geography stubs330
82Balearic Islands stubs330
83Bandar-e Anzali County geography stubs330
84Bielsko County geography stubs330
85Chile university stubs330
86Georgia (U.S. state) road stubs330
87Green Bay Packers season stubs330
88Kirov Oblast geography stubs330
89Macau geography stubs330
90Marching band stubs330
91Monster truck stubs330
92Music education stubs330
93National basketball team stubs330
94Penang geography stubs330
95Prehistoric sponge stubs330
96Shahnameh stubs330
97Slovenian railway station stubs330
98Somaliland geography stubs330
99Sorkheh County geography stubs330
100South American golf biography stubs330
101Sucha County geography stubs330
102Tigray geography stubs330
103Transformers stubs330
104Udaipur stubs330
105Ukrainian football competition stubs330
106Vaccine stubs330
1071936 Winter Olympics stubs340
1082000s East Coast hip hop album stubs340
109Asian yacht racing biography stubs340
110British badminton biography stubs340
111British sociologist stubs340
112British television actor, 1960s birth stubs340
113Canadian computer specialist stubs340
114Clarence Island geography stubs340
115Ctenophore stubs340
116Farsan County geography stubs340
117Fereydunkenar County geography stubs340
118Gerash County geography stubs340
119German-language opera stubs340
120Hong Kong mountain stubs340
121Israeli musical group stubs340
122Lagos geography stubs340
123Medal of Honor recipient stubs340
124Mie Prefecture railway station stubs340
125National Health Service stubs340
126Nizhny Novgorod Oblast geography stubs340
127Parasitic plant stubs340
128Portuguese explorer stubs340
129South Africa university stubs340
130United States shipping company stubs340
131University of Minnesota stubs340
132Vadodara district geography stubs340
133World War II battle stubs340
134Yerevan geography stubs340
135Zoropsidae stubs340
136Bandar-e Gaz County geography stubs350
137Brazilian protected area stubs350
138Carbon County, Pennsylvania geography stubs350
139Chrzanów County geography stubs350
140Croatian volleyball biography stubs350
141European lifestyle magazine stubs350
142Forensics stubs350
143Galugah County geography stubs350
144Greyhawk stubs350
145Haitian media stubs350
146Hentai stubs350
147Himachal Pradesh politician stubs350
148Hong Kong law stubs350
149Ivorian politician stubs350
150Jewish cuisine stubs350
151Jonava geography stubs350
152Monotomidae stubs350
153Neopaganism stubs350
154New York State Senator stubs350
155Ngari Prefecture geography stubs350
156North Banat District geography stubs350
157Ostholstein geography stubs350
158Pennsylvania road stubs350
159Pskov Oblast geography stubs350
160Simorgh County geography stubs350
161South American museum stubs350
162United States Class I railroad stubs350
163United States Coast Guard personnel stubs350
164Welsh academic biography stubs350
165Women's health stubs350
166Bonab County geography stubs360
167Butler County, Pennsylvania geography stubs360
168Canton of Jura geography stubs360
169Chicago White Sox season stubs360
170Chinese Roman Catholic diocese stubs360
171Columbus, Georgia stubs360
172Czechoslovak military stubs360
173Ethology stubs360
174Faridan County geography stubs360
175Formal methods stubs360
176Google stubs360
177Irish company stubs360
178Japan bridge (structure) stubs
Number of stub categories of different sizes as at 10 June 2011. Red indicates unacceptable sizes by WP:WSS guidelines; yellow may require attention. Deeper-hued areas in small categories indicate categories with no subcategories.

Attention Millennial Parents and Grandparents
– Want to do something special for your millennial-aged young person? As we approach tax time, you are familiar with the benefits of retirement savings for yourself and your spouse. Savings for retirement defers the taxes you will pay, and in some cases, like with a Roth IRA, you can avoid paying any additional taxes on the money you invest as well as all future earnings.

Well, the same works for your millennial children or grandchildren. After all, they have their entire lives ahead of them. A twenty-something individual has at least  40+ years until they are of retirement age. Who is better suited for benefitting from growth over time?

Say for example you have a grandson who is nineteen years old in their second year of college we’ll call him Nathan.

Nathan is in his second year of college, and works part time earning about $8500 a year. Did you know that Nathan is eligible for a Roth IRA up to $5500 for the (2016) year? Well, the odds are that Nathan himself can’t afford to invest in his Roth IRA at all, after all, he’s a college student and he needs all the extra spending money he can earn. But his parents or grandparents can help him by gifting him the funds.

We starting doing this with our granddaughter Jessica”, said Maggie S. of Fort Lauderdale, FL, “when she was 17 years old, she worked part-time and earned like under $5000 for the year. We sat down and talked with her about the incredible benefits of compounding interest and dividends and we told her we would do this for her as long as she agreed to not touch the money until she is at least 65. We even had her sign a letter agreeing to this. Now for the last three years, we have deposited between two and three thousand a year in a Roth IRA. We have it invested in a low-cost total stock market index fund.

If you want to create a real legacy with long-term benefits, getting your millennially-aged kids into Roth IRA’s at an early age can be huge.  For example, if for five years, you invest $2000 each year into a Roth IRA, starting when they graduate from high school – here is an example of the potential long-term growth of this very small initial $10,000 investment.

$10,000 investment’s potential growth over 45 years with all dividends and interest reinvested:

Warren Buffet was recently asked, with his vast wealth of investing knowledge, how would he invest for retirement. He stated that he would keep it very simple. Invest 90% in a low-cost S&P 500 Stock Index Fund and 10% keep in cash or short-term government bonds. You can read his comments by CLICKING HERE

So, keeping it simple, with all the market ups and downs, what has been the historical yearly rate of return of the total stock market since 1966? 11.79%

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