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Despite how the modern message may have been diluted down the years, each Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus with traditions drawn from Christianity as well as other ones personal to our own family. Each family I know follows many of the same traditions as we do, however each put their own spin on it and make it their own. My Christmas is special because of these very traditions which we have formed as a family.

The 1st of December is my favorite day in the year because it marks the beginning of my Christmas. On the 1st of December my family and I go to the shops and buy a special new tree decoration. My parents have been collecting Christmas decorations for years and nothing matches on purpose. Christmas spirit is everywhere on the 1st of December, the shops play festive music and are usually decorated down to the last detail. It is this date for me that marks the beginning of the season.

We all put the tree up together the weekend after. We play Christmas music in the background, wear the Santa hats we dug out of the loft and have a drink. After the tree is up, the excessive amount of food has been brought, then the family all come down for the big day. We live all over now so the traditions have had to be adapted slightly. Christmas is the time when we all make the effort to come down at the same time. We go on the 24th of December and play family games all day. We have a buffet dinner which we call an ‘itsy bitsy’ then make our way to midnight mass at the local church.

On Christmas day we wake up early, around 8 a.m. and have breakfast together. We don’t open our presents as soon as we get up as we all agree that we love the anticipation. When we do get round to opening our gifts, after dinner has been put on and the vegetables have been peeled, one of us hands each present out, one at a time.

After presents we all help to get the dinner dished up and the table laid. For dinner we have a turkey with all of the trimmings, we say grace before dinner and then pull our crackers. We have a competition to see who can keep their hat on for the whole day.

After dinner comes the washing up, which we all help with. Then we enjoy family games which we either got that day or we dig out the old classics. The games are my favorite part of the day. It is something which everyone gets involved in and has a great laugh over.

Our family traditions at Christmas have been adapted since people have moved away however, we always make the effort to be together and play games together. Our traditions are much the same as any family; we eat, we give gifts and be merry.

I have got the assignment to write a descriptive story with the conditions that it shall be in five paragraph like this:
1. Introduction
2. Detail 1
3. Detail 2
4. Detail 3
5. Conclusion
I have finished the assignment but i still got a week left so i wonna know whether i am on the right track. Please look at it!

Christmas Eve in Denmark

The most unique day of the year, ending with one evening where the whole family is gathered in one house. Inside the house you feel intense excitement for the day combined with pleasure of being together with your whole family. Warm light wanders across the walls and makes the house shine as a thousand stars from any outside looks. Your mouth waters as you can sense the lovely scent from the delicious food coming directly from the hot oven. The family sits around the huge wooden table, relaxed in the cozy and comfortable chairs. Happy small kids sit in anticipation waiting for Santa Claus to arrive so they can make their wishes for the year. White shiny snow slowly covers the ground and reflects all sorts of colorful lights from various fascinating decorations. Tranquil and calm voices fill the room as the talk goes about all aspects of life. This night is unforgettable.

As the family finishes the dinner and the remaining food is being removed from the table and delicious Ris a'la mande is placed on the table. Everybody fills their bowel to its max with the sticky sweet mass of rice, all hoping they will find the single almond and get the mysterious present. The warm red colorful cherry sauce gives the final touch. An intense silent excitement fills the room as the Ris a'la mande slowly disappears. When the almond finally appears it somehow always end up with one of the small kids which eyes glitters of happiness.

A tall Christmas tree is carried in and can just barely fit in the living room with its fabulous shiny star on the top, nearly touching the ceiling. The enormously huge pine tree reaches out with its fabulous green spruce. The green spruce is decorated with the finest glass stars, shiny balls, reindeers and an endless amount of tempting sugary treats just waiting to be eaten. The whole family holds in hands with each other creating a closed circle around the huge tree and as everybody starts to sing the sugary treats slowly disappears. Meanwhile the green spruce hides mysterious presents and prevents any sight upon them.

The grown-ups sit in the huge shiny sand colored leather sofa and meanwhile the kids shake and touch the mysterious presents trying to figure out which hidden object they contains. The presents look fabulous with the many various shapes, sizes and colors which make every single one unique. The boxes are opened one by one and in no time shiny paper begin to cover the floor. As the objects are revealed to their new cheerful owners, warm hugs filled with love are given to show appreciation.

This is a night which everyone will enjoy and remember year after year. There is a cozy, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which cheers everybody up. There is incredible food, wonderful present, nice people... There is simply something for everyone. This single night everybody can relax and don't stress. This day reunites families and brings them all together just to have fun and spend time together without any pressure. This is a day we all look forward to so Merry Christmas to you too.

Inside the house you feel intense excitement for the day combined with pleasure of being together with your whole family.

--- Walking inside, the intense excitement of the day to come combined with the pleasure of being together with the whole family is overwhelming.

Your mouth waters as you can sense the lovely scent from the delicious food coming directly from the hot oven. The family sits around the huge wooden table, relaxed in the cozy and comfortable chairs.

--- As the family sits around the huge wooden table, relaxing in cozy, comfortable chairs our mouths water with the brisk smell of delicious food coming from the hot oven.

I wouldn't use the word fabulous, it doesn't exactly explain the significance of the object. Try beautiful, or some synonym along those lines.

This single night everybody can relax and don't stress.

--- Take out this fragment.

Overall, very good story. Just minor details. Goodluck!!

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