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Business Management Personal Statement 37

The refusal of my parents to supply me with pocket money as a child first sparked my curiosity in business. Constantly searching for an income stream to buy the things I wanted led me to manage my own small business through various distribution channels. To me, business holds an intrinsic value in every individual’s lives; even something as simple as turning the tap on involves invention, supply, manufacture and innovation. The elements of risk and competitiveness are themes which excite me the most due to the fact that actions have consequences and hence, the responsibility of decision making is a dominant factor in my enthusiasm for Business Management. Increasing globalization puts me at an advantage having lived in 3 different capital cities: Seoul, Doha and London. Attending an American international school in Qatar opened my eyes to different cultural norms and methods of conducting business on a local, national and international scale. The different nationalities I have been exposed to have provided me with contrasting perspectives of the world economy. I was fascinated to find out how integral efficiency is to Korea’s business philosophies and I quickly took this up as a motto for my studies. Through speaking both Korean and English, being bilingual enables me to express myself with a unique viewpoint. Since studying Mandarin at GCSE, I have continued to educate myself as I would like to become fluent. I trust that it will be of huge benefit when conversing and negotiating in Business Management. I enjoy ownership of a project and seeing things through from beginning to end. I discovered this in Art and I continued to take the subject as an A Level. My studies in Maths have provided me with logical and strategic problem solving methods along with reinforcing my views that improvements can be made to businesses through implementation of mathematical formulas in key areas. Studying English Language aids my ability to communicate clearly and concisely which is a vital skill in negotiation and presenting chains of arguments articulately. Over the course of my A Levels, I have endeavoured to advance myself in the field of public speaking and debating. Participation in the Model United Nations conference as well as being a prefect at my college supported me in those particular areas. I recently attended a workshop run by IBM in which teamwork was involved to present creative ideas in the improvement of ‘smart communication’. This was challenging considering the acceleration in technological advancements. My team and I agreed on a virtual reality of the layouts in hotels and real estate as a form of advertisement and efficiency in communication. Additionally, as part of my academic programme, I am researching the rising role of women in the business world for my EPQ course. I have completed the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh award which has increased my confidence in leadership and ability to interact easily with new people. Within school, I was a keen member of the choir and have achieved a Merit in Grade 6 Piano. I find sports almost therapeutic thus, in my spare time I go running and have joined a rowing club. My work experience at Hill Dickinson Law Firm helped me to better understand the workload and importance of contracts throughout any business. I found that the ability to present sides of an argument and knowing how to draw conclusions was imperative. I could see that innovation in technology allow information to be networked and automated to provide a competitive advantage. I believe that I have proven myself to be a dedicated student with the capability to perform well across the many aspects of management. I am truly eager to expand my knowledge of Business Management at a degree level as it will enable me to further develop my potential in the business world.



Universities Applied to:

  • King's College: Business Management
  • University of Southampton: Business Management
  • University of Nottingham: Management
  • City University of London: Management
  • UCL: Information Management for Business


Grades Achieved:

  • Maths (AS) - Grade A
  • English Language (AS) - Grade A
  • Art (AS) - Grade A

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Business and Management Personal Statement 22

My decision to study project management in construction and other business related subjects stems from developing an interest in business as a career aim. This interest is almost certainly the result of growing up in an entrepreneurial family where I was constantly exposed to discussions about all aspects of enterprises, from new business ideas to running a firm efficiently and managing projects. I believe that my background has given me insight into the working of business and marketing. My interest in business was reinforced by my experience in shadowing a project manager at a small construction company in London called St. James construction, whilst a school work experience

I like to take the initiative and enjoy ownership of a project by seeing things from beginning to end. I realised this when I helped my elder brother with the setting up of his own pizza delivery business in south London. I attended meetings with solicitors, accountants and surveyors. This gave me a chance to witness and understand a number of different aspects of setting up and running a business as well as developing skills, like team working, acting on initiative and foreseeing and preparing for potential problems. It made me think particularly about business location, suppliers, target audience, finance, quality, competition and future growth. I believe this experience enhanced my basic business awareness further confirming for me that my interest and skills lay in the direction of a career in business My choice of 'A' level subjects was based on my aim to pursue studies involving business. I appreciated that the impact of technology and social interactions were necessary prerequisites to succeed in business and project work. I am currently also studying Maths at home as I appreciate that numerical skill will be important in my chosen course. Thus I believe that my academic knowledge, practical experience and personal skills equip me to successfully pursue a degree

Outside college, I am involved with my family business every weekend

I also help out at the local community centre by helping disabled children. When time allows, I enjoy reading various kinds of literature and am currently enjoying The Colour Purple. Keeping fit is also an interest of mine, which I like to carry out in my spare time through swimming and time at the gym. I am interested in a number of other Sports, such as football and tennis, but my biggest achievement to date has been when I became the captain of my local Hounslow Cricket club under 18 and won the Middlesex league. I have travelled extensively and have visited Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Afghanistan as well as various countries in Europe. Through out my travels, the differing degree of development, lifestyles and work ethos I witnessed in different counties have widened my horizons and I am now more culturally aware and sensitive.

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