Distributed Data Mining Bibliography Apa

  • 1.

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  • 2.

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  • 3.

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  • 6.

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  • Advances in computing and communication over wired and wireless networks have resulted in many pervasive distributed computing environments. Many of these environments deal with different distributed sources of voluminous data, multiple compute nodes, and distributed user community. Analyzing and monitoring these distributed data sources require a data mining technology designed for distributed applications. The field of distributed data mining (DDM) deals with this problem---mining distributed data by paying careful attention to the distributed resources. The goal of this web site is to maintain and distribute a bibliography of DDM-related publications. We hope that DDM researchers and practitioners find this service useful. We welcome every help from the community in maintaining the bibliography and this web site.

    The bibliography is maintained and managed by Kanishka Bhaduri, Kamalika Das, Kun Liu and Prof. Hillol Kargupta.    

    You may add a single entry through our interactive web form or send us by email a bibtex file containing the entries. You can also take a view at those newly added entries which we will add to our database soon (provided they are relevant). If you submit an entry for the bibliography, we strongly encourage you to submit a pointer to the electronic version of the paper in case it is available online.

    DDM Bibliography is now grouped into separate categories.Please follow the link below to download the DDM Bibliography files.

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